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Decapitated Head


Last night I had the strangest dream. I dream that I was walking along in a public place and I saw a man without his head. He was naked and was staggering around. He had soiled himself as well. I looked down at the ground and picked up his head - he was quite ugly looking and had fairly long curly hair. I picked his head up off the floor and swing it as far into the bushes as I could.
In the dream the authorities were looking for his head and I was afraid to tell them where I knew it was but in the end I did tell them. I cant remember how it finished.
On the same night I had dreamt that I was walking along the road and I saw that an apartment building was on fire from the second story. I tried to call 911 / 000 (in Australia) but my phone wouldn't work.
Then right before I woke up I had dreamt that me and my husband were on a tour and our Sheltie dog escaped and was running through the fields, I screamed out to him and then my husband managed to get his attention. He came running at us and then looked at me and took a big breath and died in front of me.

I dream every night but I have to saw last night was one of the most disturbing nights sleep I ever had.

Would love some insight into what it might mean?


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 36 Melbourne Australia

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Re: Decapitated Head

Hi Nat,
The dreams seem to be addressing something you do not wish to 'think' about and a possible fear if exposed to the public may stain you? There may have involve a recent experience where, when looking back at it you ask yourself 'what was I thinking'. You admittedly made a mistake.

Also, in another context, the public may be your ego self and when you think about this experience you feel dirty and stained. It is something within your subconscious that when you think about it, it bothers you.

The second dream seems to be addressing the same subject. The apartment is one aspect of yourself {the building would be your total self}. The fire would be from a subconscious position, the second floor {basement-unconscious, first floor-conscious self, second floor-subconscious, top floor-mind} and may represent destruction. Subconsciously the experience is bothering you and you need help in eliminating the emotional conflict {911}.

The dog in your dream may represent your 'animal nature' and that has run away from you {perhaps something you did}. It will take some courage and strength {husband} to admit happened and by doing so will hopefully put an end to it {dog dying}.

Look back over the days prior to the dreams would fit with my analysis. It may not fit perfect but hopefully it will bring to mind what experience the dream is trying to communicate. The reason it is a part of your dreams is because there is an emotional conflict involved and your dreams {being therapeutic tools} are trying to help you resolve the issue.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 63 Space Coast, Fla.

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Re: Decapitated Head

Hi Jerry,

Thanks so much for replying to my dream. I have used this forum for several years now and while I only post maybe once a year I really appreciate your interpretations.

Thinking back to what has happened the days before the dream have been pretty uneventful although I have to admit I am feeling like the dream is leaning towards the way I feel about my work.

I have been with my employer for 5 years now and I while I am very fortunate to have a job and be well paid for it, I am incredibly under stimulated to the point where every day is a challenge. Everything about my work is great - great people, great boss, work life balance, he is very generous with gifts and bonuses. There's no reason for me to leave other than each day my brain loses a cell from not being utilised. I have tried asking for 4 days per week, which he hasn’t approved so I spend most of my day feeling like I am trying to stretch out work to be full time and as a result I feel incredibly bored and I am thriving for stimulation.

Last night I had a dream that I was applying for other jobs and I went to the interview and got the job. Then I came back to work and was preparing to resign but I couldn’t do it. I felt too involved in my employers life (I manage my boss's business and his wife's business and everything they do personally so I am entrenched in their lives). They are always supportive and have nothing but good things to say about my support.

Recently I have thought about leaving but my boss is going through a very emotional time at the moment and has a very sick family member so I couldn’t ever leave him without support...and then I don’t know what I would even do if I were to leave - so I stay and feel unhappy with my life.

Then to compensate for me feeling unhappy at work - I eat. Then we all know where that goes. Let me say that I am not overweight (despite be saying all the time I am fat) but technically I am not....but I have gained 15 pounds in the last few months due to my indecision about my future career. Along comes with that a sense of self-loathing and not being able to control myself but also using food as a mechanism to heal and soothe my indecision.

Another part of my dream last night was that right before I woke up I had feelings for my boss and I was attracted to him. By all means I am not remotely attracted to him. Mind you he IS attractive- there are a lot of women who drool over him but I work so closely with him that I have zero attraction to him but I have dreamt that I am attracted to him and they are an item. Its really weird.

I’m sure the dream from two nights ago and last night have to do with my work and feeling like I am stuck in a rut about where to go from here without leaving him in a unstable position...I just don’t know what message my dreams are trying to give me. I already know all this consciously - and I’m pretty sure its subconscious as well.

On another note Jerry, is there any way to stop dreaming? I dream every single night - I am exhausted. Every night is like a story book.

Thanks again for reading.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 36

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Female

Re: Decapitated Head

The incident from recent days that is likely bothering you is not just a one day experience but the accumulative experience you describe of being 'under stimulated'. These experiences are on your mind and affecting your emotional self. Let me present some possibilities to the dream now that I have the additional information from your last post

First let's remember this dream is about you and your emotions so anything to do with your boss {or other people} would be in relationship to your emotional self. You hold a lot of responsibilities, not only in your own life but also in your boss's affairs. The dream may be addressing both. What you 'really' think and feel will be a part of the dream.

In your dream, the man without his head could be both your boss {unable to 'think/act' on his own without your doing things for him-as you describe yourself as doing} as well as your own masculine self {your animus}, an 'inability' {lacking masculine aspects} to think {head} and 'think' in a progressive manner as you wish to {compensating your trouble emotions by eating being one}. The naked part may also have to emotions toward your boss. Being responsible for both his and his wife's there may be something you could expose. As for your inner self {the job would be you conscious life, the inner emotions your inner life}. There may be some aspect of your animus that has been exposed that cause you to stagger. A lack of discipline by over eating may be a part of that equation. That or some other aspect could be 'soiling' your ego, something that is not normal for you to be doing. That would the stain.

Again I am presenting possibilities. Take what I provide and examine them and move the pieces around and see if they fit. Dreams are puzzles and putting the pieces into the proper places is the task.

The ground is often symbol of your foundation support and the description of the ugly head and the actions following picking it up would likely be descriptive of emotions you possess, toward others but more importantly toward yourself. These masculine aspects may have to do with your boss, or even your job. But they would also be aspects of your animus, by the way they are presented as images. If there are not any thoughts or emotions as I describe to do with your boss then they would be toward yourself. This first part of the dream is setting the 'stage' for what the dream is trying to communicate, the emotional conflict at the center of the dream and probably what is foremost the major concern in your life.

The only other possibility I see from this part of the dream would have little to do with your current waking experiences but to do with earlier experiences. I don't see that in the dream but it is always a possibility. At the age of 36 you are at the threshold of the mid-life thing and when you cross into that field where 'accumulated' experiences become a central part of life these things also become a part of your dreams.

As for the rest of the dreams the authorities would be in one aspect your own authoritative self. There would something you were afraid to admit to yourself but eventually your 'higher' or greater self gave in. That could something to do with the over eating {as would the stain, the way you feel toward yourself}. The 911 call would be a 'wake up' to do what you are doing {with the eating}. You do need to take control {a masculine aspect} and stop this impulsive behavior.

There could be associations to your boss also {he being an authoritative person}. Exact personal issues of those kind only you could know about. See if there is some area where that would fit. If not then it probably apply to your the eating aspects. The more I look at the dream the more I do believe it is addressing those inner issues about how you feel toward yourself.

The dream about your husband and your dog is short but could also have associations to the same topic.

As to questions and the dream in your last post. The last question first. You can not stop dreaming, its nature's tool to help you resolve emotional conflicts. What you can do is to resolve those conflicts so you remove the negatives and create a positive atmosphere in your conscious life. That is what dreams are trying to do, expose the negatives so you can resolve the issues.

As for the dream. It is probably stating a fact as far as being too involved in your bosses' affairs. But that could also be part of the problem. Being too involved with his life and not enough energy given to your own. Applied for a job could suggest unfulfillment and frustration, getting it would confirm those emotions. Returning to work would be returning to the anxieties you feel concerning being unfulfilled. Resigning from those emotions would be what you wish would happen. The next line may be the dream making a statement. "I felt too involved in my employers life". How does that play out in the emotional context of your job. Is there something about those affairs that affect you emotionally?

The part about having feelings for your boss. if there is no attraction to your 'boss' that part may be about your animus, your masculine qualities. The feelings would to bale to have more masculine qualities in some aspect. It could be the eating problem, it could about the job or your feelings of being unfulfilled.

There is something that strikes me about the unfulfilled aspects you speak. If the job is good, the salary good, the boss is good, then exactly what is the problem that lends itself to these feelings of not being fulfilled. Perhaps there is something deeper we need to examine. In my personal life, before I discovered Jung and the Individuation Process, I had this 'void' I could not explain. Under close examination over the past years, the self psychology that is part of the Individuation Process, I realized that void was from 'unfulfillment' of never having the father figure in early life. Those are the deeper issues that dreams also focus, the foundations of who we are and why we are that person. the unfulfillment may not be about your job but those deeper issues. You may feel it has to do with your job but deep down it may be something more. Let me know your thoughts and perhaps we can gain more from your response.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 63 Space Coast, Fla.

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Male

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