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Zombie apocalypse plus falling in love

OKay, I just found this forum because I had a dream I would like to figure out. Last night I dreamt I was in the mist of the zombie apocalypse. No one I was with I knew. I was in a town I've never seen before. Well While we were on the move we came across a house we figured we'd camp out in. When we were just settling in these men came that were needing help to fight off some zombies and one of the men was someone I felt a very strong connection with, like I was in love. He was the perfect man. I would risk my life to protect him and the same went for him. We ended up in this safe area, that was a cafeteria. Zombies ended up breaking in and I was in the hall way and he came over to save me. I dont know how to go into any further details of this dream. It felt very real life. the feelings and everything. I woke up still feeling a strong connection to him. also, in real life I am married and have a child so it's strange to me. (& Let me add that in real life I am very big on the zombie apocalypse. VERY BIG, I prep myself for it. silly enough. so him being my "hero" in this dream just makes it 10x better)

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Re: Zombie apocalypse plus falling in love

Dreams speak in a language of symbol and metaphor. Your dreams are about you and your emotions. To understand what the dream message is we need to interpret the images/symbols. I can not say exactly what the dream is trying to communicate but I can offer good possibilities. To know whether the possibilities are accurate they must fit somewhere in your life. After you read the interpretation and give it some serious thought {all dreams have a message} please post a response to the analysis. Every dream is a learning experience and often a response will provide added information that may help in understanding the dream.
Here is my analysis.

First off, your 'preparation' for a zombie apocalypse may influence the 'scale' of emotional aspects of the dream, make them seem larger, more frightening or severe than they really are.

The dream starts out with the language 'I am in the mist of'. That statement probably signifies this is something that is going on in your current waking life. Significant in that dreams often focus on past experiences from earlier life.

A zombie is a dead person which in dreams can symbolize feeling 'dead' inside or/and being detached from situations around you. An apocalypse may indicate emotional or 'physical' aspects on a catastrophic scale. The apocalypse also has religious connotations and that may suggest an overly active stimulus due to such beliefs. Dreams deal in rational thought but will use such images to describe emotions. The zombie and apocalypse are not literal {real in waking life} but metaphorical of your emotional life {what is happening to you personally and emotionally}.

So, we can say you are in the mist of a very strong emotional or/and physical {personal} event in your life {not a literal apocalypse but an emotional one}. It could be emotions deep within your unconscious that you have not confronted or it could be consciously happening. Is there any emotional events or experiences that would fit with this?

Let me state here that all things in life are psychological, thus involve the emotions. If you are in a personal situation {example: need help with a personal problem} it is also an emotional experience. So when I say emotional it can be a personal event also.

You were with 'no one you knew' and in 'a town you have never seen before'. This suggests there are aspects about yourself you have not realized or confronted. It may be repressed or hidden emotions. Because you are in the 'mist' of all of this there may have been recent experiences that have prompted you to have certain emotions or possibly memories of past negative experiences {negative in that it is an apocalypse event}.

The house is you or some aspect of yourself where you have 'camped out'. That suggest you have put yourself in a certain position, a position within yourself. This may suggest you are letting these emotions affect you more so than normal.

Now we get to actions where there may be more than one possibility {all dreams have at least two meanings or applications {read How To Interpret Dreams to get a better understanding of this}. The 'men needing help' most likely represent animus qualities in your psyche {masculine aspects}. This part of you needs help in 'fighting' the 'zombies' {again symbolic}. This may suggest you possess weak masculine aspects. One of these aspects you 'care for' more than the others, which may suggest in your waking life you have tendencies that match this 'loved' male. Do you tend to rely on others for emotional and/or physical support? That may be your weak masculine self coming through in the dream.

But these 'masculine' figures may also real people, or desire for an actual person{s}. There is no such thing as a perfect man other than possible religious figures {Jesus, or the Buddha}. Do you have strong religious beliefs? This could be the man in your dreams, your spiritual self and relying on the religious beliefs as a savior when you are in emotional and/or physical conflict. The safe area is in the cafeteria which can be symbolic of spiritual nourishment. If not spiritual then emotional.

Or, if you are not a religious type, the prefect man may be a desire, someone you wish to meet and save you.

But the 'zombies' are still threatening to get to you. Hallways are connections between conscious and unconscious contents. Unconsciously you may be 'expecting' something or someone {the perfect man} to save you. Or have a desire than something save you. Because the zombies are still after you when you are in the safe area that may suggest you still have yet to discover that perfect man. Religiously that would suggest too little faith in your religion {God}. Psychologically it would also suggest too little faith in yourself.

Something in your life is threatening you and you need something or someone to save you. There may be too much expectation for something or someone {perfect man} other than yourself to help you through this crisis. it could be you are weak when it comes to such threatening events in your life. The one thing that you can count OUT is a literal zombie apocalypse, it is metaphorical. There are no such thing as zombies, it is symbolic of something within yourself. The apocalypse may have religious associations, or it could be how you feel about your life, a fear the way you live or some aspect of it will come to an end. Look at your waking life and see where this may fit. Let me know your conclusions and if we need to make a deeper examination we can.


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