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Three people, snow and fire.

There was a man; news reporter-like, somewhat square chin, fair coloured hair, travelling around a place, perhaps clearwater, florida, because of the auspicious placement of a 7-11. The man went to meet two girls. One of them was a bit paunchy and obnoxious, but the other was quite fair and comely. 'There had been strange weather issues, in which a forest was apparently covered in snow.' the man explained to the two of them. 'There was a huge sheet of snow that recently fell from the forest copse, stirring and detrimenting the surrounding city. Official reports stated that the snowy buildup has been completely removed, but I suspect there is still some up there.' he persisted.

There was an airplane, low flying, that the three of them seamlessly embarked in, which drew close to the ground for an exciting gut feeling as it lifted in to the clouds, veering left towards a large forest. As we neared, we were on foot, entering a boat. The man and the comely woman were flirting, if not lovers, but the paunchy woman was oblivious, and still obnoxious. We took the small boat as far as the water's edge, and then boated on land for a short time, until we were again on foot. The surrounding terrain was largely dirt and scrubby grasses, sleek with small patched of snow, some hardened to ice.

As we walked a path along the edge of a small, snow-patched basin/lake, just across from a large forest, with a sidewalk to our lefts, an internal dialogue fixture hang in the air. The internal dialogue stated something to the effect of, 'And everything was fine, until we threw her in to a volcano.' This hung as a puzzling, but determined statement for a few moments, until there was perhaps a small tremor, and a gout of flame from the ground. The man and comely woman were holding hands, and at this eruption, the comely woman fell from his hand, falling forward, a jumble of limbs, sliding down a very steep decline.

Not only were there patches of snow and ice upon the ground, but also small orange segments, not quite liquid, but surely immolated like magma. We dove and ran down this path to attempt to save the girl, which seemed quite foolhardy and suicidal, as the incline was quite steep, and the hot-patches were everywhere. Around this point, the paunchy, obnoxious woman was definitely instead a male, with no striking similarity to the original character. Towards the bottom, the comely girl rolled around a small bend to the right, and in to a nook or cave. Try as he might, the heated ground was too much to bear just around this nook, and the reporter recoiled from the hot orange ground all about him. The two men then instead tried to crawl out to save themselves.

Luckily, and somehow, there was a small opening to the park/basin, discounting the depth we had fallen, leading to level ground. This place was like a garbage dump, insofar as there were a series of dirtied- but largely intact- ceramic plates, bowls, and silverware stacked in small piles in the dirt. The comely woman was even able to crawl out of her small nook via another route, and begin to make her way to us. Some of the plates and cookware broke, as the main man/reporter guy attempted to open the tunnel leading to solid ground.

About this time, I awoke.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 26

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How Did You Find the Dream Forum? Workshop/earthdance. ^^

Re: Three people, snow and fire.

I believe the first part of the dream is addressing aspects of your personality, especially the first part. Of course the language is symbolic and not literal. The description translated would be of someone who likes to investigate most everything, has a strong way of expressing oneself and has a sense of fairness and forceful attitudes and intelligence. Do you live in or visit Clearwater, Fl? the 7-11 may have personal associations but the numbers add up to 9 which may suggest a strong feminine psyche {intuitiveness being the primary sense}. But there are conflicts with your anima, as noted by the contrasting two females. One possible explanation of the two females may point to aspects of your feminine side that are unfavorable and others that are favorable. These opposing traits may have caused recent conflicts with your generally progressive attitudes, a negative cover of your generally favorable personality.

A second possibility which would coincide with the first {both could apply since all dream images have at least two applications} would be actual experiences involving two females. At your age there is good likelihood recent experiences would be a focus in your dreams {whereas a much older person the focus would be on foundation of the personality}. It will be easy to recognize if the later is true, more difficult to understand the first {at least for most people}.This experience, and or psyche aspect, had affected your whole being. With a positive attitude you are able to shank the negative aspects but residue remains.

The flying airplane my indicate a desire to explore the 'lesser possibilities' in life. This encompasses your whole being {the three of you} and comes from the 'ground' of your being, the inner self which is dominated by feminine aspects that allows you to lift yourself above the normal mundane life and express greater personal growth. But your personality sometimes let's itself become too emotional {therein may lay the conflict}, a direction you sometimes take despite your normal balanced personality. These are the times you are not the positive self you wish to be.

Again, there may be recent experiences that lend itself to exposing these negative aspects. The two females may involve real people but likely do suggest the conflicting anima qualities to express itself.

Being the type who explores {possessing both intuitive and opposing analytical qualities?} you internally question these emotional qualities and may even externally demonstrate them. The response to the experience {whether it be inner or/and outer} is of an aggressive nature but that soon creates an even more emotional response that diminishes the positive feminine qualities.

The result is even worse experiences {inner and/or outer}. Any attempt to 'save' yourself demonstrates weakness and that is not a position you like to be in. The normal passive qualities you possess turn to a more aggressive attitude. You have put yourself in a lesser position and internally that goes against the persona you normally expound. Being in this lesser position you have to retreat, to save yourself from further emotional damage.

The saving grace to all of this is likely ego related. For you that is like being in a garbage dump since the ego is the lesser self and you have transcended that position in life. But the experience has left parts of you shaken if not broken. You turn to your 'expressive' self to gain higher ground, the results not guaranteed as positive.
end of analysis

My sense is the dream is addressing your personality on one hand and possibly a recent experience that threaten if not damaged your normally positive and progressive self. It could be it is merely a fear you possess and not a real experience and if so the damage would be great if you were ever put in such a position. The personality qualities are likely true in the dream, the recent experience either real or a fear you possess. The dream turns from a seemingly purely personality description to what seems to be a waking experience. This leads to the question whether there was an actual turn from personality qualities to waking experiences. It could be the dream was still centered on personality and included the fear i described. Of course it will be easy to eliminate the waking possibility if there has not been an actual experience. If there has then the dream was merely reflecting that experience.

I look forward to your response.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 63 Space Coast, Fla.

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