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I saw my baby

December 2012 I got pregnant. It wasnt planned and I definately wasnt ready for one but I was SO excited. I knew my baby was going to be a girl. In march, when I was thirteen weeks, I lost my baby. I was and still am miserable, but it is so hard to find someone to talk to about it as I am only 20.

About a week or so after I lost my baby, give or take, I had a dream.
I was with who i thought were my two youngest sisters (i dont think it really was, I cant really remember) and we were exploring a new neighborhood.
We walk up to this house and I was immediately drawn to it for some odd reason. It looked as if nobody was home and we proceeded to walk up to it, but I was so nervous that we were going to get caught. We go inside and it was an amazing house. My sisters told me to follow them upstairs and I do so. As we go upstairs I feel like I hear someone at home and immediately got nervous. One of the bedroom doors was barely cracked open, and the light inside was on. It was a very soft very white gentle kind of light. I slowly push open the bedroom door and I see something on the bed but cant quite make out what it is. As I approach the bed, I see a beautiful baby girl. She had bug blue eyes with long dark eye lashes, and light brown tiny curls on her head. The moment she looked up at me it was like we knew eachother, and she was so happy to finally see me. I remember I took my hand and brushed her cheek with it. I felt so happy and so peaceful, like never before. I cant look away from the baby, until I hear someone come in the room. In comes my oldest sister. i noticed nobody had said anything since we got into the room. My oldest sister picked up the baby and it seemed to be a sign she was taking care of that baby. I look back at the beautiful little girl and I wake up.

I sat in my bed and cried and cried until I had no strength left and fell asleep. I didnt know why I was so sad, but I was.

The next day, once i thought about the dream, I knew the little baby laying on the bed was my baby. That made me cry even harder. I felt it was a sign from her, saying she is doing okay and being well taken care of, but it still made me so sad that my baby was gone. And then it hit me. My sister was taking care of her. In real life, my sister was a few weeks away from her due date, and her baby was going to have heart surgery right when she gave birth to him. I was already scared and praying for her baby, but when I realised SHE was in my dream, I was terrified for her. A couple weeks later, she had her son and they both ended up being okay. Dont get me wrong I was SO happy both of them were healthy, but then it really confused me, I know that was my baby and she is telling me shes okay, and someone is taking care of her.... I KNEW it was my sister. there was no way I had it wrong.

I was stumped. It wasnt until a few months later I remembered, my mom had a miscarriage with her first child. It hit me that the baby my mother had lost, is now taking care of my baby.

I'm in awe that one dream could say so much, and maybe i totally read it the wrong way.
Reading this, do you think my interpretation is correct?
What do you think this dream was trying to tell me?

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Re: I saw my baby

If you want to know how I analyze dreams using Jungian psyche I suggest you read my page A Simple Guide to Dreams. Not many people are aware of how dreams function, especially the concepts of Carl Jung who revolutionized how we look at dreams and provided us with the tools to properly interpret dreams. Dreams are no longer the great mystery they were once were and anyone with an education In Jungian dream psyche, has a good intuitive sense and has worked with dreams for a period of time {I have 15 years experience} can properly interpret the symbolic/metaphorically language of dreams and derive the message they hold.

I believe I have a good sense of what the dream is trying to communicate but just to state what I sense without breaking down the images/symbols probably won't help you that much. As usual my analysis is long so bear with me as I try to put in the simplest terms what I sense, and what is/was undoubtedly an emotional experience for you.

First let me state that all dreams have at least two meanings/applications, often more. Every image will fit with this. In one application the two 'younger' sisters were metaphors of the 'younger sister' your mother mis-carried and the other the daughter you lost. The daughter would be a 'sister' in she was female and complements/completes you as a female. These are emotional experiences that cause much emotional conflict.

But the dream is also addressing other aspects of the sisters, the other younger sister 'within you'. She would be from the 'new neighborhood' you are exploring, an emotional neighborhood associated wit feminine aspects {emotional}. There could be a 'shadow' aspect involved. There isn't a particular image that points to a shadow aspect, at least not in the classic case we usually think of the shadow {rejected aspects we often project onto other people}. Any associations to a shadow would be about rejected/unresolved emotions that need to be resolved and 'accepted'.

As for understanding the two younger sisters. You state, either by sensing from the dream or added sensing later on, 'I don't think it really was' which suggests to me you did't emotionally feel the sisters as real sisters. That would be a 'truth' and dreams only deal with truths. That would also explain the application of the inner sister, with the other being a real 'younger' sister, a synthesis of younger sister/daughter you lost. What the dream is doing, which is common, is using the number two to address 'two' aspects of the dream, the emotional conflict of losing the 'outer sisters' as well as referencing the inner sister{s} from the new 'neighborhood you are just now exploring. In the dream both are younger sisters which would not fit you actual waking life thus the application could be of one real younger sister and one 'younger' inner sister from the new neighborhood. Dreams are complicated but every image has a message with at least two applications. And the dream means what it says, only we need to understand what it is saying {which requires experience in working with dreams using Jungian psyche}.
So, what we have are two emotional aspects to the dream, one to do with the 'lost' sisters {actual younger sister and your daughter} and the other an inner developing sister, younger/developing aspect from the new 'inner' neighborhood you are exploring in the dream. This first part of the dream sets the stage for what the dream is trying to communicate.

In the dream it states 'we' are walking up to this house but it is you who is drawn to it {assuming you penned the dream as you actually remembered it}. Such technicalities are important in analysis of a dream since the dream means exactly 'what it says'. The house would be symbolic of the 'total you' {the rooms different aspects}, and 'you' are being drawn to something within the house {you}.

No one being home could suggest something is missing, within you {the house}. You are having difficulty 'walking up to it', these parts of you. That may be the emotional pain of losing your daughter. It also may suggest a wariness {nervousness} about approaching the new inner aspect. Getting caught would be a fear of 'approaching' these emotional parts of yourself {both aspects}. But you go 'inside' {inside yourself}. And it is an amazing house, this inner you. I sense this would be about the second sister, the developing inner you. The resilience of the human spirit is powerful. The two aspects of yourself {two sisters} are directing you to follow them upstairs. Upstairs in a dream can symbolize a higher awareness, and also the mind. When you do ascend 'upwards' you are following directions of your higher emotional self, something your two sisters/two aspects are directing you to do. Moving on from past emotional pain on one hand, seeking 'new life' on the other {I will speak more about this later}. What you hear is something is within yourself, something that was missing but now you become aware of. The nervousness is because it is a new 'neighborhood', a new part of yourself has experienced pain and that makes you weary {experience in life is wisdom}.

Doors represent barriers and an open door is opening up an emotional barrier.This is a bedroom door, a room where life begins. In the beginning it is barely cracked open. In your life the pain you are suffering is a closed door and it takes time to crack it open. And when you do see into this 'inside' part you there is a light. This is the light of the human spirit, a gentle aspect of life that is realized in the worst of times. When you do open this door there is a beautiful 'baby girl'. She is your 'inner daughter' {the description has meaning but to pin it down would probably depend on personal associations}. You know her and she knows you. This part of you is a younger you because it is developing, having to get past the pain of losing your daughter {as much as it can be done} so you can live the rest of your life {at 20 you are still very young, developing in your life}. 'She is happy to 'finally' {after time to grieve} to see you.

Then there is new action in the dream. Your older sister comes in. This, along with the new life I mentioned earlier may be relevant to your future. She takes the baby and is taking care of it. This is a natural thing for her since she does also have new baby {son} and as a big sister she is caring for you. This is a sign, not a symbol, which suggests something literal?. Going back to the new life and the fact you sister has a healthy baby, together the literal 'sign' may be pointing to you having a healthy baby in your future.

Expanding on that. Dreams don't normally predict the future, they compensate what we already know {conscious. and unconscious}. When I state the dream means exactly what it means we may look at a sign {vs symbols, the language of dreams, and metaphor, which means something else that is the same} which is a 'literal' thing. I always question such predictor dreams but when I see something where there is that possibly {which is very, very seldom}, I question it less.

My sense is the dream is trying to communicate the need to go on with your life. There is this strong, beautiful young developing woman who has suffered a great loss. But life does not end there. The sisters are the lost children. But the new neighbor is the new inner child within you. With every death there is a new beginning. If there weren't, life as we know it would have ended long ago. You will never completely get past the pain you feel over the loss of your daughter {I have a loss in my life 10 years ago and I still feel grief}. But you have to let go enough to slowly open the door to the future. And I see within the dream your future has a new baby, healthy and loving and something you can not take your eyes off of.

But I don't dismiss your thoughts about about your younger sister taking care of your daughter. No one knows what happens after death but in our minds those who make a transition are not dead in our hearts and minds. They live on. And because there is that relationship between your younger sister and your daughter, they share the same space within your heart and mind. If we didn't have something to hold on to what good would it do to continue living? Live with those thoughts and let them be a part of your life.


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