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If I Only Had Gloves

A recent dream of mine for your consideration. Thank you.
Driving with some others and we stop at an open spot in the country. We walk across an expanse of green grass and the remnants of an old circus, here and there are scattered parts of rides. Now it is a sort of tourist stop. An old circus worker lives there and he talks to me as I look around. Then I come to the edge of a cliff like area and down the cliff to the right, not too far down is a bottom flat area where he lives. There are four string hammocks, a firepit and some living supplies. I see another man sleeping in one of the hammocks. I am surprised that he lives outdoors all year long and a little worried for him. Over to the left of the cliff area is a deep cavern carved into the rock that goes far down into the earth---it is like a ride with a bar you hold attached to a chain and the momentum of going down brings you automatically back up. One of the people traveling with me is a huge muscular man, like a body builder. He decides to try this “ride.” It seems as if it is designed with some sort of mathematical precision and can’t fail to bring you back up. He has gloves on and is bare chested and bald. There is tannish orange colored rock on all sides. I seem to be this man now and I can smell the damp stone and earth and it gets cooler as it goes down---at the end of the chain it does pause and then goes up quickly, the journey down was slow. The feeling was one of wondering, will this really work, what happens if it doesn’t return, a sense of amazement at the depth but no real fear. Relief feeling when it goes back up and he jumps off at the top and is proud and happy. Now I am myself, not him, and wondering if I am strong enough to hold onto the bar while it goes down. I am going to try it also since it seems that it doesn’t take arm strength to hold on. However, I have no gloves and when I hold the bar my hands are sweaty and the bar is slippery with my sweat and I say I am afraid that I will slip off the bar and won’t be able to hold on since I have no gloves.

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Re: If I Only Had Gloves

This one was difficult to dissect. I believe it has to do in one aspect with your last dream post {two dreams}. But your response was very short and without a lot of detail. There seems to be emotional conflicts that push you to the edge and it requires a lot of strength {man in dream} to keep the pressures of these conflicts from 'erupting'. On one hand you need to expose your true feelings but on the other you feel you must 'cover up your real feelings.

But there could be another aspect to the dream, one we can eliminate very easily with your response. Do you have past creative skills you wish to explore again? Something in your past seems to have given you pleasure and security but because of social pressures you are unable to fully focus on these aspects. I may be reading the images wrong and instead of creative skills it may be 'intuitive/ skills {of the manipulative type}. Does the creative aspect fit with your life?


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