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running with tomato dream

so i was in this darkened field, the clouds were grey i was holding a tomato in my arms bigger than my head, in was a ripe tomato, and as i was running people appeared chasing after me in appearing from random places trying to take the huge tomato from me, i kept running, then i was in a boring grey room and my guardian angel dudes started dancing with me dancing in circles spinning me around. of course the scene changed a bit and i sitting in my moms new business meeting and my guardian angels were sitting in chair spread around the small room while my mom was talking, i yawned twice, then i said "my guardian angels like to prank me" i was about babble about dramatically about how they prank me then one of the angels dudes said "i'm going to stop you right there" and he was smirking. the i squinted at him menacingly and yawn again, and said i was goign to go to the cliff. i walked down a mountain side in a forest and stood near a cliff, it was nice and sunny.

i was wondering what running with a tomato and having people chase after me trying to take it could mean? anything else you might want to add to the other parts of my dream that'd be chill.

NOTE: yes i believe in angels and yes they prank me and btw i don't mind i've dared them before to prank me really creatively times infinity. they also joke with me and some of them chill with me in my dream when i'm sad or feeling down. i have felt them poke me when i'm awake sometimes.

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Re: running with tomato dream

The title of your dream brought to mind the old movie 'Attack of the Killer Tomatoes'. But it may not be that far fetched to use this analogy since in the movie the monster tomato comes up from the 'garbage disposal'. Symbolically the human garbage unit is where we store unconscious conflicts that need resolution. In some way the tomato related to an emotional conflict in your life.

Th dream and interpretation
The darkened fields, the grey clouds would suggest a facet of your psyche outlook. That could suggest depressed emotions if not depression itself. The tomato could be an analogy to the feminine self {babe, broad, dollface, broad, etc}. But in this aspect it would have to do with feminine qualities to do with emotions {dreams are about the emotions}. What you are doing is holding your emotions in your arms, the head being where the emotions are processed, with ripe emotions being ready to use {being overly emotional}.
The people chasing you are pressures in life that are 'after you'. You are running from the emotions.

The there is a change. Again you are in this depressed state {room} and you look to your angels. Angels are symbolic of your 'higher self' and because of your angels are 'dudes' that may point to animus/masculine qualities, or lack of them. The dancing in circles would be what you are doing, your masculine self going in circles because they are lacking in skills.

But your angels probably represent something more. They may be trying to remind you that it is time for you to think about your choices and actions, do you need to work on those? What happens to a person in life is not by fate or accident but from their own actions and choices. It is called Karma, you reap what you sow, what goes around comes around. You may be looking for help from 'others' {angels} instead of doing it yourself.

Then there is another change. Changes may indicate you have a lot of emotional conflicts. What is it about your mom's new business that would cause emotional energies? Is there a conflict with your mother? Your guardian angels are in their usual place. The small room is a part of you in relationship to your mother. Do you listen to what she has to say {yawning}? It could be something you are doing, being mischievous {pranks}. Or it could be your mind is being mischievous with you, playing pranks and causing confusion in your life. Your higher self is 'revolting' to these impulses. 'This has to stop right here!' The smirk may be ignoring these inner voices from your angels, That sunny positive self is near a cliff.

Then there is the last statement which may be important. The feeling, the sunny positive self is near the cliff. You may feel so depressed you are near the cliff, ready to fall off. Do you have impulses to harm yourself? Let me know your impressions and feelings. If you are very depressed there are remedies for that. Very simple remedies most likely. Or it could be depression of a less serious kind. Your response will help understand which it is. It is the worst kind then we need to talk more about that.


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