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Dreaming of being taken away from mother.

A long time ago, around the age of five, I dreamt of being taken forcefully from my mother (odd enough, I remember at the time I was sleeping in my mother's bed). I remember being dragged to a white car by a person. As I looked out the back window, I remember my eyes filling with tears to the point where it was impossible to see, and my mother was calling after me. Then, the strange person drove off.

I remember some of the scenery. It was a house I had never been to before, it looked as if it were out in the country side.

That's the most I can remember, I'd like to hear someone's thoughts about it after such a long time.


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Re: Dreaming of being taken away from mother.

Dreams that early in life are different from later life dreams. Even different from dreams when you are in your teens. Humans don't normally retain memories until the age of 4 or 5 so it is usual to remember this dream. The reason for this dream and the strong memory may have been because you felt very close to your mother while laying in bed with her A closeness more so than usual}. That could have stimulated the natural 'mother/child' instincts {what Carl Jung called archetypes} and the result was a dream where a fear of losing that closeness, love and security. It was a natural dream for someone that age which had no real meaning other than the love and security you felt and a fear of losing that. Such a dream would be normal for a 5 year old. There may have been circumstances at the time you had the dream that made you feel even closer to your mother than normal and that help leave an impression on you.

There are other possibilities. Your dream had specific images which may suggest real experiences. Perhaps just prior to the dream there was an experience where you taken from your mother and put into a car. A real experience stored in your unconscious memory but not a conscious memory. Instead of the images being symbolic {as most images are in an older person's dreams}, this was a real experience. The whole dream would be literal, it really happened. The reason you had the dream was the terrifying experience you felt at that time. It became stuck in your mind and came back to you in the dream. Laying next to your mother, feeling warm and secure may have a stimulus for the 'fear' dream.

Another possibility is another actual experience, but not 'one' literal experience as I described above but an accumulative affect. Were you 'taken away' from your mother to live with someone else as a a young child? Did you live with your mother as a child or with someone else {at least temporarily?}. The experience would have to happen prior to the dream which really makes this possibility unlikely. But we never say never when it comes to dreams. As much as we know about them {and that is enough to interpret most dreams} there is always other possibilities that come up.

An Older Person's Dream
Let me try to explain what the dream would most likely meant if it were from an older person. I like to influence anyone and everyone to pay attention to their dreams because dreams are a direct link to the unconscious. A primary function of dreams is to show the dreamer the 'truth' about their life and not what the 'biased ego' perceives and/or what the conscious mind remembers. There are a lot of things people don't want to think about, bad experiences that are emotionally disturbing. These experiences are pushed back into the unconscious mind so the dreamer doesn't have to think about them. But they will stay there {especially if they are very bad experiences} until they are brought out and the emotional issues are resolved. If they are nor resolved they remain in the unconscious, and in our dreams. The 'repressed' experiences can and often do have an effect on our personality and how a person lives their life.

Also, everyone has a perception of what other people think about them but that is biased, because a lot of things about the person the dreamer does't want others to know. So this is kept secret from other people. Dreams do not keep anything secret, just the opposite. They reveal secrets to the dreamer so that person can realize the truth about oneself.

But dreams don't have a normal language that people use unconscious life. The dream language is in symbols and metaphor. the house in your dream is you. You are the house and whatever is going on in that house is 'going on' within you {emotionally}. This gets into a lot of detail so I won't say any more. If you find it interesting you can read more at my The Power of Dreams website.

continuing with the older person's dreams.
It you were an older person when you had this dream, say 35 years old, the dream would be mostly symbolic with the images representing something about yourself and not being literal experiences {except the mother perhaps since she is a very close relative}. Being forcefully taken from your mother would represent a true emotional experience but most likely not a particular experience as I described above. It would represent being taken from your mother's love and affection, something that was taken away throughout childhood, with memories of actual those experiences beginning at the age of 5 years old. The car would be you and what is being removed is the childhood experience {the child in the dream} from the love and affection of the mother. The back window would be a symbol of the unconscious mind where the '35 year old adult' is unconsciously looking back at a childhood where he/she did not have the loving mother. The emotional conflict the dream is trying to communicate to the person is that lack of motherly love that was removed when the dreamer was a child. That experience goes with the person throughout life and has an affect on their life. It stay with the person until it is resolved {why we have psychologists}.

So this is how dreams function, both in a child and as an adult. Unless you were literally taken away from your mother before the age of 5 {of course you were reunited with her since you were in bed with her when you had the dream} then the dream was probably reflecting the natural instincts and childhood impulses I spoke of in the first paragraph. If you were actually taken away from your mother as a child and have had a bad childhood then the dream may be reflecting on that. Let me know if this is true and we can discuss that.


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