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Two Pythons

I am standing with someone outside beside a shallow garden pool. I look down and two huge red-orange pythons are wrapped around each other in it. I look up to tell my friend we have trouble here and then suddenly one of them is right beside me! The head is as big as a horse! I think to myself calmly, I have to kill this thing but Im not sure how to proceed. I'm pretty calm given the circumstances, thinking about my options and trying to remember if a python bites its prey with poisonous venom first or begins wrapping its prey right away. I wake up.

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Re: Two Pythons

My impression of the dream it is addressing 'outer' issues associated either with your personality or someone who you have a close association with. A pool can be a symbol for the self {your total self} and the garden a symbol for personal growth. The shallow pool may suggest there is 'superficial' personal growth {outer ego/personality}. Serpents {Cobras} are often symbols of rejuvenation {death and rebirth} and is a medical symbolism for healing. Because there are two that may represent emotional conflict {opposites}. One standing beside you may represent one aspect is dominant {that is the trouble/problem}. 'IT' has too big of a head. It would be an aspect that needs changing {killing something is putting an end to it}. The dream ends with a 'self' {small s} concern, perhaps an indication there is too much focus on oneself. Being calm may suggest is a normal reaction, a normal part of who you/the person is. the poisonous bite may represent a fear of vulnerability regarding your unresolved issues emotions {personality}. There is a suffocation due to this aspect.

Either the dream is addressing personality issues that need to change or heal or pointing to 'inherent' factors that would cause you to exhibit these type personality traits. If these are not personal traits then ask yourself 'is there someone close to you' whom possesses these traits and those aspects are affecting you. The python is an 'earth-dragon' {mythology} which may suggest there are 'inherent' aspects associated with its symbolism. Earth would be your true self, the ground/foundations you grew with and that have helped form who you are as an adult. The healing/rejuvenation part would suggest there are aspects in your life that need healing which would require an 'end' to 'some part' of your life so a rebirth to a better self can begin. It may involve personality aspects indicative of a lack of self-esteem or insecurities.

Have there been recent issues related to anything I have noted?


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