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I had two very different dreams last night, one after another. In the first, I was in a room with a bunch of girls and a panel of guys from a fraternity. They had given us all one letter to read but I had gotten 3. Two of them were from a handsome stranger that I have a crush on. (In real life, I have only talked to this person two times briefly. He lives on my floor in my apartment building and is not in a fraternity) Then, in my dream he came up to me and kissed me and then it ended. I then had another dream about a guy I finally broke ties with. He was my best friend for 9 years but we kept going back and forth about whether we wanted to be more or not and I couldn't keep playing games so I ended it. In my dream, I was crushing on a mutual friend of ours and he got extremely jealous and tried to win me back. I don't remember all of the details but in the end, it turned sexual and we were together. Then I woke up. What do my dreams mean? Please help!

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Re: Love

The first dreams seems to be addressing a conflict toward masculine attitudes and/or a particular male. This probably reflects your interest in the guy who lives in the complex but there are unconscious aspects that need resolving. There also may be unconscious sensing {intuitive} about the guy that needs resolving, perhaps having picked up something about him that present a conflict. His coming up to you and kissing you may suggest there is a need to accept these masculine attitudes, or/and the crush guy {the masculine} needs to come up to your expectations if there is to be any future in a relationship. The later would have to do with past experiences and your psyche is looking at the crush guy objectively, despite your emotional crush. And if you do have intuitive feelings about the guy, go with them and don't let your emotions {crush} deter you from that.

The second dream.
Unconsciously, you are feeling vulnerable from experiences from the past and you may have a 'sense' of this experience when it comes to an involvement with the crush. You have to get past the old emotions {problems with old flame} if you are to move forward with the crush guy. But it is the emotions that get in the way {crush suggests an emotional attitude with knowing the guy or the facts}. The sexual aspects may have actual sexual associations, physical attraction to crush. Being together may involve the 'wish' aspect of the dream {wish fulfillment to your attraction to the crush guy} but it may also suggest you need to resolve conflicts from your past relationship to be able to make a good decision about future relationships {objectivity over emotions}.

Dreams are about your emotions and their primary purpose is to help you resolve any emotional conflicts you may have. In your dream you have a crush on a guy which suggests emotions are strong. But dreams deal in reality and using past experiences the dream may be unconsciously telling you to use objectivity and not let emotions over ride sensibility.

In short, don't let your attraction {emotions} toward the crush guy over ride your sensibilities {objectiveness}. Past experiences have taught you something about yourself as well as relationships and you need to use that wisdom in future relationships. Consciously you want one thing {attracted to the crush guy} but unconsciously your wise self wants to be more objective. And there is the possibility your intuitive mind did pick up on aspects about the crush you need to consider {this would be an unconscious thing most people ignore}. Be objective in your approach and you will always make the better decisions.


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