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strange n scary nightmares

hay so my friend said this was a good site, anyways i keep having nightmares they are all mostly different except for the end part just b4 i wake up where in the dream i always die at the end in a very horrible way. well i spose ill just tell ya last nights nightmare n see what ya think, anyways i remember being in a school like building well it had lockers so im guessing it was a school and im with a group of ppl that i dont know and we are trying to find this ugly creature and that if it bites or draws blood on u ull get infected n turn into the same sort of creature but die from it to anyways i some how find myself trapped in this room with a karaoke machine and the creature finds me and tears me apart o and this creature is like a mutilated spider thing where even if u cut its arm off the arm is still trying to get you. so yer what u think it means?

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Re: strange n scary nightmares

First let me assure you that dying in a dream is not a real death. It symbolizes some aspect in your life that has come to an end or needs to come to an end. Or can represent changes within you {you die to one aspect and are changed into another-often this has to do with personality}. If you have nightmares about this same theme then likely there are emotional aspects that are unresolved. The intent of our 'unconscious' dreams is to bring these issues to consciousness so we can find resolution to them.

As to your dream. Schools are places we learn things. In dreams they often represent learning {consciously} about or becoming aware emotional issues. The lockers is where you lock things up for protection, to hide things away. This would represent those emotional issues you have you have put away or 'locked' away because of the emotional pain they cause when you give thought to them. The group of unnamed/unknown people would be aspects of yourself {we all possess different aspects]. The ugly creature is the unresolved emotional issue. Biting you may represent the aggressive nature these emotional issues represent, they being very emotional with the more of the need to understand them and resolve the issues. Drawing blood is drawing emotional energies from you, or even energies that can weaken you physically, mentally or weaken your personality. This emotional issue has infected you which suggests it has caused harm to your psyche and probably has some control over who you are and how you act. The death is a death of some positive aspects caused by this ugly emotional creature within you.

The room in the dream is also an aspect of yourself {rooms in a house with the house being your whole self}. You are trapped in one particular 'emotional room'. The karaoke machine may have personal associations {often recent or favored experiences are used in dreams as metaphorical references to emotional issues}. Symbolically it may represent a 'prerecorded' tune within you that is trying to be 'broadcast' to your conscious mind {because of the urgency of the 'ugly monster' /emotional issue within you}. This is a very aggressive emotional issue. No matter how much you try to put it out of your mind it still remains a threat {consciously you may try to put it out of your thoughts but unconsciously it still remains}. The spider image could represent fear of these unconscious issues or even issues with your mother {are there issues with your mother than have caused emotional pain?}.

In summary you have emotional issues that need to be brought to an end before they drain all the life energy out of you. What issues are there in your life that would be represented by this 'ugly creature'? These issues need to be resolved or they could cause even worse emotional issues in your waking life as you grow older. You will continue to have these type nightmares until they are resolved. Unconsciously these emotional issues have some or a lot of control over your waking life and/or personality. They may have changed you, from a positive aspect to negative. Let me know your thoughts and perhaps with more information we can learn more about this emotional issue.


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