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animal dream

i am in bed and i notice a crocodiles tail poking from underneath the bed, as i notice it, it starts to walk out from under the bed and begin to stand, as it is reaching full height it transforms into a giant mouse, who starts eating a red apple, i notice crumbs falling on the floor as it silently ate. then it bends its head down to mine and stares at me, while telepathically talking to me, though i could not hear any of the words. when i woke there was a poem repeating itself in my head and only stopped after i wrote it down.
i was 12, in a very bad phase of life.
crocodiles and mutant mice
and all the things i thought were nice
have suddenly gone against the grain
and only cause me grief and pain.

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Re: animal dream

Two possibilities I see with the dream. Because you were 12 when you had the dream has to be taken into account. The first would have to do more with what a 12 year old would have and the other possible deeper is issues. It could be both.

The first would be about normal fears a 12 year old would have. It is normal in childhood to have dreams of 'things under the bed'. The crocodiles would represent the fears that 'walk up and begin to stand'. the illogical thoughts of a 12 year old. The giant mouse would represent small annoyances that grow to be greater than they are. Eating an apple is about growing and the crumbs would be the normal childhood annoyances and fears that are left over when a child ages. Childhood should be about things that are only nice but those little things begin to grow larger as you get older and you realize there is real grief and pain in life.

But I think more than a simple childhood dream, the dream was addressing your frame of mind when you had the dream {when you were 12}. Because you did state it was bad phase in your life that would fit with the crocodiles and mutant mice. What those images would symbolize are aggressive attitudes or emotions that standout from that period of life. Under the bed would suggest these are unconscious influences {beds and unconscious sleep} that have a tendency to grow into something more . A mouse can be symbolic of inferiority issues or complex issues that have mutated {experiences early in life that have cause a mutation of personality}. The apple is a symbol of fertility and personal growth and this mutated part of yourself is devouring those aspects. The crumbs or what is left by the experiences have affected your foundations {floor}, those building blocks of personality and who you become later in life. The telepathy is your own inner voices speaking to your conscious self, messages from the unconscious {via the unconscious dream}. At the age of 12 there is no way to know these things, an inability to express them due to your age {later in life you would be able to understand the consequences}.

As for the poem. It was a direct comment of the real experiences at the age of 12. Aggressive developed attitudes that mutate. What should have been a normal happy childhood {all the things I thought were nice} have gone against the grain {against what should be normal} and because of these experiences your life has much more grief and pain that it should have. Even at the age of 12 the psyche has already begun to process the natural intent of dreams. To inform the conscious self of emotional issues in an attempt to help resolve them.

Going back and reviewing your previous post this dream fits with your life. Personality is basically formed during early childhood years and the what happens then can 'mutate' into worse things later in life. Being aware of these influences are important. If you look back at the experiences you can pinpoint what it is that pushes you to do things you do as adult. Knowing this you can begin to work in changing those habits.


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Re: animal dream

Thankyou! I undterstand about the mouse now, i couldnt get my head round it before, but I see. and starting to understand dimensions of dreams. thankyou so much :)

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