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Dream about my uncle

This a dream about my dead uncle I had about three years ago, but I haven't been able to shake it.

I was at a church with my aunt (my uncle's sister.) There was some kind of ceremony going on, but I'm not sure what it was meant to be. My aunt and I weren't part of it, it seemed like we had just wandered into the church with no real intention. I felt very uncomfortable, and kept asking her if we could leave, but she just ignored me. Her phone went off, and she immediately got into an argument with whoever was on the other end. I don't remember what she said, but I know that it was about her daughter.

After a few minutes, she handed me the phone and said "Joseph wants to talk to you." I knew that wasn't right. I got panicky, but I took the phone. I didn't put it to my ear, though. The last thought I had before I woke up was "I hope he doesn't sound like a dead person."

I woke up having a panic attack.

For some background information: I was very close with my uncle. He committed suicide when I was 10 years old. The last time I saw him was at my aunt's wedding. I was diagnosed with PTSD because of his death earlier in the year I had that dream.

I'm also not a religious person at all. At that point in my life, my family wasn't very accepting of that fact, and still made me go to church. I always thought that that's what caused me to feel uncomfortable in the church in the dream.

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Re: Dream about my uncle

There are several possibilities to your dream since in real life you possess emotional attachments to your uncle as well as an emotional conflict with the church. A question that may answer what your dream is about is 'what was/is the relationship with your aunt like and how does that fit into your relationship with your uncle'? Was there conflict somewhere in these involvements? The church would symbolize your true self/emotions/feelings {the church representing wholeness}. In the dream you feel comfortable about certain issues {beyond just your feelings about going to church}. I do get the impression your aunt is a type villain in this, you feeling uncomfortable about something 'related' to her. Here is my dream dictionary meaning for aunt to help you understand what she may symbolize:

Aunt - Feminine part of the psyche; qualities or characteristics you identify about her which are projected aspects of yourself.

In this context she would be a projection of emotions you possess related to her and your uncle. She is a 'feminine' aspect of yourself.

The dream talks about 'leaving' and being ignored. The leaving may be something about her you wish to leave behind but the feelings you possess are hard to ignore. The phone call would represent a communication with yourself, something that has 'gone off' to do with an inner conflict {within you}. I sense the daughter part is actually you in your relationship to your aunt and deceased uncle. I would assume you could say you felt 'like a daughter to him' and there could be emotional issues with that involving your aunt. Or, your aunt could be symbolic of 'related' aspects and the emotions would be about inner reflections {communications} concerning your feelings of missing him. If there are no issue with your aunt then look to the later as the message of the dream. And it the latter is more applicable then the whole dream may be a mere reflection on both the relationship with your uncle {and feelings of loss and missing him} as well as reflections on going to church and spiritual identity in the present time {something you may have given more thought recently}.

The last part of the dream seems to be addressing issues of not wanting to confront certain emotions, spiritual and about your dead uncle. You don't want to hear about these issues {or aspects about one or the other} because they are very emotional when you think about them. The panic part of the dream may have to do with the PTSD, certain emotions causing panic when you think about them. There may be unresolved issues to do with your uncle you wish to think are over {dead} but something recently may have caused you to think/feel otherwise.

Let me know your thoughts to my analysis and we can go from there in sorting out the possibilities.


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