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one scene dream

this is my most very recent dream, i dont ever remember a dream like it.
i am standing in front of a huge black widow, but the mark on its back is white, it appears as if sitting on a door (head pointing downwards), though there is no door. nothing moves, though there is energy in the air, life energy from the spider and myself, we are both alive. we stay that way for some time until the dream ends.
i am aware of the fear i have for spiders, but neither of us move, i know i am in the presence of great power.
i wake feeling uneasy, and have been since.
i cant shake it off, it continues to bother me, what can i learn from this to help ease my system as my energy in all senses of the world is rapidly dropping.

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Re: one scene dream

Black widows though poisonous can also be symbolic of the 'devouring' feminine power. Your black widow has a white mark instead of red which may suggest turning the need to be assertive {masculine qualities} into experiencing new beginnings. In one respect the devouring female needs to integrate the masculine power of assertiveness {red} into the psyche to overcome what is lacking within the emotional self {feminine}. The problem is the spider/feminine aspects are sitting on the door/opening to realizing the powers within the deep unconscious to the point you can not see there is that opening/door. In other words too many controlling emotions that require you to be more assertive in your quest for wholeness. Balance is the key but the true power is within the feminine {you and the spider are both alive}. Until you move to this realization you will not be able to see the path to wholeness let alone open it.

From your post dream posts I sense there are deep emotional issues involved {the dream when you were 9-12 a beginning of seeing into the ground for the emotional issues}. But there is something even more profound, even deeper {past the {beyond the personal unconscious} that, when you are able to manage the emotional issues will lead you to the greater powers within you {spiritual and creative}. Those aspects probably have already presented themselves but because of the personal issues you can not 'see the door' that will allow you to open up to this greater self. The personal issues are one thing that must be resolved, as is with us all since those issues are what become unconscious controlling agents later in life.

But there may be another possibility that is blocking your psyche energies. Could it be that what your gran taught you as a child has roots of legitimacy but because there was so much 'prohibitive observance' to the 'old ways' involved in what she taught you, you are unable to reconcile the true self and access the intuitive powers you possess? Much of gypsy culture is myth and because those myths are continuously acted out in ritual they become truths. Just with all myths you need to look at them metaphorically and symbolically. The language of myth is also the language of dream. Discovering the true self is first a psychological task but the discovery of your greatest potential involves working with the deeper psyche, the intuitive being that comes naturally. When that is 'blocked' you are unable to see a way to to access it. This dream may be a message about both the issues of developed personality and the greater issues to do with those metaphysical powers you possess. Gypsy culture is known for fortune telling and although much of it is used for economical gain, the lineage of the Gypsy people suggests true powers of 'seeing within' {Gypsies originated out of India whose traditions are more inward focused and metaphysically enhanced}.

So the questions are, what are the personal issues that you are dealing with in your life {going back to childhood} and how do you resolve those? And, what powers do you possess that when accessed will bring you to an outer awareness of your inner metaphysical strengths? I sense you possess psyche powers beyond the norm and if cultivated could be even greater. But that is blocked {sitting on the door} and you are unable to see it for 'various' reasons.

A note about greater psyche powers and cultivating them
My abilities to interpret dreams just didn't show up one morning and BAM!, I was able to read dreams. It took an awakening of realizing the two issues I have talked about in your life. Resolving the personal issues involving childhood foundations and realizing my intuitive abilities and cultivating and developing those inner/natural abilities. Of course it took reading and studying Jungian psyche to understand the concepts so to explain it to others, but what he had to teach was intuitive, already within my brain {as it is in all psyches, some more accessible to it than others}. The natural intuitive powers where there all along, they need only be accessed and developed.

I sense this is true with you. But because of your difficult childhood [join the club} there are emotional issues. But also I can see where what your gran taught you was 'Jungian' in what you learned but because of the cultural 'old ways' of the ritual/myths, you have a blockage to accessing those inner truths that are waiting and wanting to be exposed. The childhood issues are in themselves great barriers to the self but when you possess great psyche powers and are unable to access those, life can seem so negative and with reason, rhyme or cause. We need to unblock what is covering the doors to your greater depths so you can blossom personally and metaphysically.


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Re: one scene dream

I thought i could escape this, or maybe just ignore it, but i never had a hope in hell. gran wasn't allowed to speak of my heritage and she didn't risk disobeying because she loved me and wanted to be a part of my life, it was more how i analysed her dealing with problems and asking her advice on mine that helped build me. i never wanted the gifts, but my blood line is a long line of seers and they are my dna , rather than gifts i could refuse. i have backed away many many times and the premonitions and happenings over the years has all but brought me to my knees, i am a feeler. more than anything else, its what i am most connected to and have a problem dealing with the universe and its strange ways, i hate feeling that all is out of my control, that i am powerless to stop the hurt, knowing my unborn baby would die when she was just a babe in arms, knowing that mums last visit to my house would be her last, knowing i would be alone with her as she passed, a single grain of good wrapped up in a universe of hurt. i don't know how to deal with this,don't want to surrender to the universe, there is too much hurt. thankyou for making me see clearer, for now i must think.
p.s. if you have a compass point you think would help, please share.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 39

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