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A women with a green snake around her neck

Dear Jerry,

I've had this dream, which has creep-ed me out a bit. The background to the dream is, I'm going to be seeing this lady in a couple of days in a sports competition which she will be with her family, she knows I like her.

So, I see this women I fancy in real life in my dream and she is wearing a beautiful garment. I notice she has a big thick snake around her neck and is holding the snakes head and bottom jaw with her right hand. She is also smiling at me. It seems like she is in control of the snake.

I also notice her friend doing the same thing with the snake around her neck and smiling at me. I'm only a couple of feet away from them.

I don't know whether this dream is a good or bad omen?

I would appreciate your analysis.

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Re: A women with a green snake around her neck

Two possibilities/probabilities I see with the snake images and with the dream. One would be the snake as a symbol for sexual aspects. If you take the snake as a symbol for the penis then what you see in the dream would be a sexual desire within the unconscious/conscious. The power lies with the woman {jaws}, the feminine is in control/controlling. What man doesn't like a woman who can take the lead when having sex? The right hand may suggest physical aspects, such as with sexual aspects {left would be metaphysical, as in a transformation}. Desires of the mind, she is in control.

The second would be metaphysical, a transformation of the psyche to counter an overly responsive feminine desires. Too much emotional energies in trying to fill the void of the need/desire for a heterosexual relationship.

The snake around the neck would be a connection of the physical to the metaphysical. Likely the dream is addressing both issues. Transforming the mindset connected to bodily desires into something positive {removing the conflicts}. The desire for a relationship is a controlling force in your life. A natural aspect of that would be sexual. Likely there was more yo the dream than you remember and those contents could point to ways to balance these desires.

I don't see the dream as being an omen as much as it is trying to get you to recognize an emotional conflict that needs resolution.


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