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Kidnap and Murder in House dream

I'm with a group of people in a house hiding from the bad guy who (flash forward) ends up on the roof with most of them holding a gun on them. I'm still hiding and trying to figure out what to do. He makes some demands which I don't know what they are and to prove he's serious he starts throwing them off the roof, one by one. One of them gets hung up on a wall on the way down so he laughs and says, this one didn't die, and then shoots him. Hostages, murder, extortion, I'm not sure what it means. I think he might be me. They might be me. I might have been me, too.

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Re: Kidnap and Murder in House dream

That guy is you, some part of your psyche {ology}. The house is you and you are hiding some aspect of yourself, something you think of as bad, something you have rejected and shielded yourself from {roof}. There are aspects that you are hiding, either conscious aspects due to what you believe to be 'bad' or unconscious aspects you have pushed back int your mind so not to have to confront the issue {emotional pain}. The dream statement is 'you are still hiding' which would point to a present day condition. Not knowing what they are may point to unconscious stimuli that has control over your personality in the present, or could be repressed emotions. There is one particular aspect where there is a barrier {wall}, unconscious contents that you can not or will not let become conscious.

Hostages, murder, extortion, these are feelings about yourself, symbolic of emotions. The ego often is the 'bad guy' that holds emotional issues hostage within the unconscious {so to protect the ego self from emotional}. Murder is a symbolic of repressed hostility, either toward someone or/and toward yourself. Extortion may be having to extort these hidden emotional issues from the ego self.

Hard to say exactly what the dream is actually addressing. That is the simple equation the dream is trying to communicate. Whether you want to remember or can remember may be an issues {hostage}. What is it in your life, going to earlier life, you do not wish to think about or acknowledge? Your dreams are about you, your life, and primarily about unresolved emotional issues. What unresolved emotional issues are there in your life? That is what the dream is about.


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