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Someone help :(

I'm hoping someone can help me? last night i had a terrifying dream. It was more so this morning, my boyfriend got up early to go to work and i said bye then i led there for about 5 minutes, and even though i cant remember it, i must have fallen asleep. At this point, even though it was getting light outside, the room went completely black, and i was led in my bed, everything looked the same, but then i started uncontrolabely spinning, i can't really make out whether or not it if it was me that was spinning, or the room, or the bed but i'm almost certain it was me/my head. anyway i was spinning and i was slowly rising up and there was a piece of plastic under my head, even though i was led facing the ceiling i suddenly had a quick side angle of what was happening and just remember seeing plastic under my head, i think i was slightly hovering above my bed and i could slightly lift my head, i was trying all i could to shout for help as whilst i was spinning i could swear i could see a woman standing really close to be but it was blurred where i was spinning so fast, i was crying and screaming but nothing would come out.. then i remember my words were finally able to come out i was saying oh my god oh my god and i was able to speak and then i woke up.. It wasn't nice, it felt like someone was going to hurt me, i was really scared and in my dream i remember thinking that i was going to die, this dream only lasted for a few minutes (i think) it seemed to be very quick. Please someone help me with this? xx

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Re: Someone help :(

My impression of the dream is there is something you are unable to express The plastic under your head would be symbolic of an artificial self/not able to express your true self emotionally. Something is within your unconscious you have glimpses of {a quick side angle of what was happening}. This inability to express these emotions {which would be the result of a past experience in your life} is buried but slowly rising to a subconscious level. The experience could have involved an actual woman but the whole account is still blurred within your unconscious. The dream ends with you being able to hear the words which again something within your unconscious is slowly becoming 'audible' to your conscious self. Your waking feelings suggest something hurt you which would be a result of the dream {waking feelings are important to the dream meaning}.

Such a dream could suggest repressed experiences and emotions. If it is something deeply repressed it may take some doing to uncover it but eventually it will come out, if not in conscious realizations then in behavioral attitudes of possible guilt feelings, depression or even worse. Was there a traumatic event in your life that you may have pushed deep into your unconscious because it was emotionally painful. Have you any similar dreams. If it is repressed emotions then you will have future dreams addressing the issue since dreams attempt to bring to consciousness those things we do not or can not think about that are emotionally painful {an example being the young boys abused by Catholic priests who only after 20-20-40 years of repressing the experiences had them come out in mid-life}.

You may want to post future dreams that have the same threatening contents {but could use entirely different images}.


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