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The Choice

I'm climbing on a ladder through the clouds in the dark,
until I reach the top and find myself in a sort of dark room,
although there are no walls.

There are two things, left of me is a chest and to the right is a gate.
It's like I have a choice,
without thinking I choose the chest and walk towards it.

I'm at the chest and try to open it, it does not work and I get frustrated and desperate.
Then I notice that the room is collapsing and everything becomes black.

I fall, and below me is fire and clouds above me,
I'm floating in the middle and toll backwards causing me and the fire, and then see the clouds.

The image fades and turns into another image.
I am now in a bare, flat desert, there are heat waves everywhere.
Very far in the distance stands a person with one eye looking at me.

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Re: The Choice

What are you searching for that is likely accessible {no walls} but you are not clear to how to approach the subject so you can understand the emotional impact? Something you may want to avoid because of the emotional aspects. The chest would a place to store things away or perhaps 'buried' {and probably something you need to get off your chest}. The door would an opening to understanding these things you are searching for. The two choices are to try and open what is within the chest {emotional aspect you have stored away} or use the door which in psychological terms would be opening up to these emotions and seeing what is there.

For some reason {emotional/psychological} you can not or do not want to open the chest. The frustration/desperation you feel may be actual waking life experiences albeit unconsciously driven {not knowing or wanting to confront the emotions in the chest}. Because you are unable/unwilling to confront these emotions/ emotional experiences the part of you that it affects the most {look to addictive behavior} collapses around you and is controlling your waking life {at least partially}. Any progress in life is negated and you keep falling back {on old habits?}. It is unclear to you how to get above these controlling aspects because you have buried the underlying reasons {we all have unconscious motivations we are unaware of that comes from negative experiences in life, often childhood}.

The fading image into another image is another view of your situation. Life is bare due to underlying emotions {from the chest} and you can not grow as a person. There may be times where you feel isolated or hopelessness. There could be embarrassment involved. The one eye looking at you may refer to not seeing things with both eyes {emotionally instead of objectively} and/or it could be the one eye of wisdom which would represent the contents of the unconscious and seeing those things that are stored there {chest}.

Look at your life and see what it is you are unable or unwilling to confront emotionally. Something that happened and you do not want to think about because of the emotions involved. Whatever it is it has an unconscious hold on you and may even have control over aspects of your life {habits, decision making-especially when it comes to relationships, making bad or wrong decisions}. You have a choice either to confront these emotions or let them remain stored away as they continue to control your waking life.


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