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visit from beyond

Hi Jerry, merry xmas and happy new year. Apologies if this has come through twice as first time I lost internet connection.
Two dreams I have had have me concerned, I could let go of the first one however now i have had a second similar one I am concerned, so your interpretation would be appreciated. Two years ago I nursed a patient whom was dying, whilst her heart was still beating it seemed her spirit was not with us however I kept talking to her as if she was still here throughout the whole nursing process. When I left work she was still alive. A few hours later I was woken by a dream. The ladies deceased body was lying in the bed and her spirit was sitting up in bed and she looked at me and said "It's okay, I'm fine now. I woke up feeling puzzled by this. Was she visiting me to acknowledge my care and she had moved on? Or was it that I was affected by nursing a dying patient.?
Yesterday I had another very similar dream. A friend of the family had died a couple of weeks ago after a long battle with cancer. Whilst she was alive it became evident to both her husband and I that she had romantic feelings for my husband so I immediately withdrew my friendship, not believing in hypocrisy I did not visit her when she was dying. In my dream yesterday she stood in front of me as the healthy woman I remember and she said " it's okay Joanna, I'm fine now" She was peaceful and calm. As she said this she held both my hands with hers and she hugged me and her hands were warm, not cold like that of the deceased. Again I woke feeling puzzled. Am I losing the plot, am I really being visited by spirits from the other side, is there another message trying to come through these particular dreams that I am supposed to learn from?
Hoping for your response.
Kind regards, Jo

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Re: visit from beyond

As for your first dream. In a way yes, she was visiting you and acknowledging your care. But it was your own conscience {different from consciousness} that was acknowledging your caring about this woman. The emotional energies surrounding death and dying are strong and we should be emotionally moved in such cases. To the point that each of us should want to do all we can to assist in whatever way we can to make the transition as comfortable as possible. You were doing just that and because like most of us do a have a normal conscience {some people are void of a natural conscience}. It was your good conscience that was visiting you in your dream and telling you it was OK to let go. If you had not done what you did to comfort the woman then a good chance the dream would have ended much differently, perhaps a 'haunting' type dream instead.

There may be elements having to do with personal difficulties in being able to let go that prompted the dream. Looking at the other symbols in your dream the deceased body may be reference something withing you that has ended or needs to end {death in dreams is symbolic of something coming to an end}. Her body would be your body and physically?consciously the dream would be telling to it is OK to let go. It could be the subject of death itself you have problems of letting go and/or some other issues {death or ending a relationship or something of that nature}. That possibly would likely be secondary to the primary issue but this is how dreams often function. What ever the issue or issues in your life the dream is trying to communicate {as therapy}, the primary message would be 'it is OK to let go'.

As for the second dream. No, no spirits from the after world, merely your own spirit. The second dream is again speaking about your inner self and a need to let go. And it seems to ne confirming what I thought may be in the first dream, something personal that stimulated that dream. What it is you need to let go of is the emotional energies to do with the whole relationship. Built up negative emotions are harmful psychologically and physically and because dreams are nature's therapeutic tool anything that brings about emotional conflict will be the subject matter in our dreams. The dream is helping you to resolve the emotional issues. By telling you it is OK to let go, I'm fine' the dream is pointing to you directly and anyone else involved indirectly. Your friend's spirit is coming back, not literally, but the emotional energies to do with the relationship are. What the dream would be telling you is it everything is fine, it is OK to let go of the negative emotions. If there are any guilt feelings associated then those too would be a part of the 'letting go'. And there could be the issue of death and dying {if it is an issue for you}. Her warm hands and her hug is embracing yourself with the ability to let go {warm hands}. Not to let cold would leave you with a 'cold' emotional attitude and your dream is trying not to let that happen.

As for my thoughts about the 'spirit world'. I believe the human form in which we inhabit is merely a temporary dwelling for the soul. And the soul is the energy that fuels our existence. It is pure energy that has taken on a physical life. All living things have a soul energy and the amount of energy depends on the physical frame. Once it leaves the physical body it continues on to another existence {and perhaps another adventure as it experience with life on earth}. But no one knows so it is all speculation. I do believe there are the yin and yang, opposing forces as all things that exist possess. But in the human for I believe the positive is stronger than the negative, good over evil. It is the condition in which the physical/psychological body evolves that determines the final makeup of each person. My philosophy is one that comes from the 'chi' power or better yet the 'kundalini' energy. Eastern philosophy does a much better job of providing clues to the soul and its energy than does western. Eastern philosophies are rapidly catching on because that inherently fit with what we know within, unlike the western concepts that the outer self is what needs to be satisfied. Energies may be able to linger on earth after death but it is not something that is common if at all. The energies may be residual, not the soul energy itself but something that is held back for one reason or another.

As for programs you see on television about the paranormal. Crap!!!! is all it is. Most if not all are staged. Just like 'pro wrestling', pure entertainment, fake.

Happy Holidays,

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