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adrift on a hulk

Dear Jerry,

I have just read your most recent reply to my previous post ("two dreams") and am amazed at how accurately the mind tells what we are not able or do not wish to know or remember, through dreams. Events which took place in the "future" of both those dreams I previously posted, confirmed very clearly, the meanings which you have helped me to understand.

Now I have another dream I wish to explore, since it was so vivid and urgent-seeming.

Through some course of events which occurred before I started remembering the dream, I found myself on a small dingy approaching two barges which were tied together and moored in the mid-channel of a large river (Yukon) near its mouth. I think I was with another person but do not have any clear idea of who the person was. The barges were just hulks of rusted metal, with the upper parts torn or rotten away and the remainder of beams and bulkheads exposed at varying heights with all the inner parts revealed. There were no solid decks or enclosed cabins left at all. I clambered over the high bulwark and stood in my shell of a barge with its chaos of remaining upper parts. Looking out over at the second barge and the shore beyond, I quickly realized that both barges were coming loose from their moorings in the swift river current and that we were going to be swept out the mouth of the river into the sea. As this happened I also realized I had no way to contact anyone else at all; even the other person that had been with me was now isolated on a separate barge, floating alone out to sea as I was. I had a primitive cell phone in my pocket but I knew no one in the vicinity who might be able to respond. Just as this predicament was sinking in, though, I noticed that, now outside the mouth of the river proper, there was some sort of floating dock, perhaps a fuel dock, white, and moored out in the middle there just offshore. My barge slipped close enough to that dock that I was able to reach out and pull alongside, thus saving myself from the fate of drifting alone out to sea. However, there was no one around on the dock at all and no way to get off and get to shore -- swimming would have been a desperate last resort with uncertain outcome.

I woke from this frightening dream with the feeling of having saved myself from a terrible desperate fate, only to find myself utterly alone in the world without any means to complete my self-rescue and without any human contacts,near or far, from whom to seek help.

Just writing all of this calls to mind many aspects of my real-life situation. However, as usual I am searching for the not-so-obvious meanings, and clues that I may have missed. I look forward to reading your thoughts and thank you kindly. And happy new year to you!


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Re: adrift on a hulk

My impressions of the dream is you have recently discovered something that provides hope to emotional conflicts but in itself is not the whole solution. There probably has been a recent real life experience for the dream. Just reading the dream and going with the 'flow' I came up with this as an interpretation.

The dream is focused on parts of yourself you unconsciously {if not consciously} feel is covered with impurities and the dream is bringing you closer to two sustained emotional loads that is fixed in your personal unconscious. There is a need for expression of these unconscious aspects. These emotional parts of you are from your past with the bulk of the experiences having been revealed. But these emotional experiences have left you with no solid identity and your conscious life is full of emotional chaos. These emotional aspects are capable of erupting into a larger emotional pattern. You have isolated parts of yourself because of unconscious stimuli. Your attempts to communicate the depths of the problems have not been successful. Just when you think all is lost there is a fuel for hope, something outside your normal routine. By attaching yourself to this it looks to be something that will provide a solution but you realize it is not something that alone will solve the emotional wounds. You are still swimming with the emotional conflicts and have no certainty of the outcome.

Dreams reflect the emotional condition of the dreamer at the time of the dream. I do sense this dream involves recent experiences. You are looking for answers but have yet to find the correct solution. Look at the days prior to the dream as to what experience may be involved. Of course the 'bulk of the impurities' would have to do with your past and those are the deeper aspects you are attempting to resolve. But there may have been an a recent experience to do with the deeper motivations {the unconscious forces that stimulate your conscious behavior}/


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