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Parties and Recurring dreams

So I had a dream that I was invited to this party for church, I really didn't want to go to this party and I dodn't know what is was for, either, but I went anyway. One of my friends threw a wet cloth in my mouth for sitting in her spot. Everyone was dressed in costumes except for me, 3 of teachers from church separated us saying "If your last name starts with the letters a-h sit here " and so on until the end of the alphabet. Everyone at the party was already fully aware of this separation even before the teachers said it and so I was the only one to stand up and move to my correct spot, prior to this one of my friends threw a wet cloth in my mouth for sitting in her spot. Quickly the dream transitioned to my house, people from my school were all there and I was horrified, they kept using my washroom , going into my parents bedroom, invading my privacy by reading my journal. Then the dream ended suddenly.

Also I keep having recurring dreams of this one person and the theme is always that I'm jealous of the people who are with her, yet I'm too scared to talk to her.

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Re: Parties and Recurring dreams

This is what I get from your dream.

The dream is inviting you to attend to the more valuable' aspects of yourself. There is ego resistance to this invitation because it does involve expressing emotional aspects you do not wish others to know. You disguise these emotional parts because you feel if they are known it will set you apart from others. You are aware of the 'differences' and you try to be your true self instead of pretending to be like others. When you attempt to be your true self you realize you can not since there are emotional aspects you can talk expose. This makes you feel separated from others at your school.

The transition is going on 'within' your own self {the house is you} and what you find are the past experiences in your life. Some are horrifying. It also probably has to do with peer pressures or experiences in school {as does the first part of the dream}. You can not be your true self {the true self is that person who has overcome the emotional conflicts} and you feel that sets you apart from what others feel.

The recurring dreams are dealing within inner emotional aspects. The jealously is what you feel toward that person you should be but because of emotional conflicts you can not be that person. There is a need to express the emotional conflicts but doing so openingly causes fear.

What emotional conflicts do you have in life? There seems to be something you have experienced you do not wish for others to know. You have to disguise your true feelings about yourself around others because if you should let them out you will feel separated from your friends at school. There may have been recent experiences that had to do with these inner emotions.


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