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Dream about the North Pole, polar bears, penguins, elks and tattoos

I had a dream I was in the North Pole. I was visiting my sister there and we were staying at a place that was on an island glacier. The house was right by the water and to get to other places in the North Pole we had to swim the ocean which was not cold at all. Actually in the whole dream I did not feel cold nor had any discomfort with the cold though I was dressed in winter garb. Although I can’t recall the visions, I remember in the dream how awed and marveled I was at the beauty of the place and intrigued by all the animals. I asked my sister if she’s seen a polar bear already and she said she hasn’t yet. Then I point out to her that there are polar bears at the back of the house. The polar bears weren’t hostile and we could go near them, but I did not try to touch them. Then I remember saying that I haven’t seen any penguins yet then a penguin suddenly appears. While I was gawking at the penguin, an elk comes out of the water. It wasn’t a big elk and it was kind of scrawny. Then I had to go home so we had to swim to go to a station where I could make a phone call to be picked up. Somewhere along the dream, I remember getting a tattoo of the infinity symbol on my wrist (which I’ve actually thought about doing in my waking life but not on the wrist.) I also remember being surprised to find a city in the North Pole, an actual city with buildings, roads and bridges. It was a city in the middle of nowhere like Las Vegas. But I only saw it in passing and didn’t go in the city. By the end of the dream, I remember thinking or saying that I shouldn’t have gotten a tattoo since we had to swim in salt water. (For those who do not know, you cannot swim in salt water for a week after getting a tattoo). So when I looked at my wrist, the tattoo had gotten off but it wasn’t peeling. It became like a whole metal thing that was sitting on my wrist and I could pick it up whole. That’s about a far as I can remember. Any thoughts on what this could mean?

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Re: Dream about the North Pole, polar bears, penguins, elks and tattoos

Sorry to take so long to give a response. A lot going on plus the dream was one I needed to examine more than once to derive a message. here is what I get from the dream.

A past emotional experience that may have been shared/involved your sister that was transforming. Accumulated chilling experience. Need to explore unconscious aspects that you consciously believe are not negative. Being made to feel a certain way when you shouldn't. Protecting yourself from the emotions. Consciously highlighting the positive aspects about yourself. Relationship with mother. Keeping cool and objective, strength and endurance. Finding particular aspect you wish to get in touch with. Imprinted experience which is long lasting and has conscious visible effects which you need to produce to conscious understanding. Unconsciously you have built an entire 'city' around this experience. Salt in the emotional wounds if the unconscious contents are realized.

I suggest you look back at your early life, especially childhood and see if you can make any connections. My sense is there was an early life experience that was unconsciously imprinted and has had and still has some control over your life. There are visible results from this experience {tattoo} that you do not understand or realize. The experience may have involved your sister or was an experience during the time you were with your sister {as a child?}. It could also involve your mother/polar bears {are you not close to your mother?}. The city at the North Pole may indicate your whole life is built around this experience {the unconscious influences/motivations from it}.

Is there anything you can think of that fits with the above scenario?


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