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lucid dreaming

Ok I've been lucid dreaming for the past week. Every night I'm in a different place just depends on whats on tv. Nevertheless I shape the world around me and... Ican fly... in every dream (I hate flying) I'm always scared at first but I have to will myself to do it. Like I'm fighting with someone or bragging and then off I go. Most of my dreams I cant talk about. To personal. All I know is every time I've dreamt like this.. its all I can think about all day. Every conversation. Ummm. Help either schooling me to control it. Or help . I cant finish that

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Re: lucid dreaming

Lucid dreaming isn't something I am a big fan of lucid dreaming, especially if you take control of the dream and not let it naturally evolve or play itself out. But your dreams seem to be less lucid in what you do other than flying. The fact your dreams are so influenced by what you had watched on TV before the dream may indicate a personality that is easily influenced. Let's look at the dream and determine what its symbolic message might be.

Flying is often symbolic of liberation from restrictions in your life. Shaping the world around you may be a wish or desire, something you wish to do but have yet to achieve it. Being able to fly {in your dreams} would make that task easier and would be symbolic of your desire/wish to be liberated to do so. In your waking life this would be a scary thing to do. The willing yourself to do it would likely be part of the wish to be able to do so. The fight is the waking challenges/obstacles you have to engage. Bragging would be sign of insecurity {and may fit with easily being influenced by others or other things, such as TV celebrities/programming}. In your dreams, by being able to fly and control your dream you are fulfilling this desire that you are unable to do in your waking life. The personal stuff are the obstacles that you need to get past to be able to fulfill your wishes/desires {unconscious motivations/influences being what really hold you back}. It would most important to get into the personal stuff to understand what those are.

If you wish to talk more about the personal stuff you can e-mail me. I will keep everything confidential. If not then you will need to seek a professional to determine and understand what it is in your life that keeps you from being liberated from the unconscious 'stuff'. It is a psychological thing.

As for the dreams I think I have provided pretty much what they are about. Even though they are lucid dreams it is fairly easy to understand what they are about for a trained dream analyst.

Jerry [pray[]

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