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What are my dreams telling me about a guy

Hey, so I have been close with a guy for 2 years! It's a long story, but everytime I try to back away from him, because I feel it ain't going anywhere I have a dream where we are a couple, and everything is great. I then wake up missing him and we get close again and we go around in circles again.
We haven't had contact in a few days. I then had a dream last njght that he had cheated on me with someone else and I found out because he posted pictures on Facebook :/ I was so upset in the dream.
What does all this mean?? Does the last dream mean I'm ready to move on??
Thank you for reading :)

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Re: What are my dreams telling me about a guy

My impression is the dream where you are a couple is either it is one of a wish fulfillment, wishing things were acceptable but consciously feeling it will not work. What is it about the relationship that makes you back away? Is it an intuitive feeling or actions he demonstrates that make you feel it will not work?

The second possibility is you have unconscious influences and motivations that make you back away from the relationship {and probably all relationships if true}. Is it him or you that is the problem? If it is his actions as I stated above then look to the first explanation. If it is you then there may be early life experiences that motivate you not to trust a relationship. were there such problems in your parent's relationship? A child's mind picks up on such things and can be a strong unconscious influence later in life. or there could be a perception on your part about your father that could a motivating factor.

As for the second dream. The cheating part may be related to fears of abandonment which could go back to the childhood issues. Again, what is your parent's relationship like? Are your parents divorced?
Placing photos on Facebook may be alluding to 'photos' you have in your unconscious mind. The dream is placing aspects of your fears on 'line' from your unconscious mind.

My suggestion is to look at the relationship and determine what the motivating factors are that make you back away from the relationship. Is it him or is it you? There may be the unconscious motivations I spoke of. Look at those possibilities.

If you can post a more detailed dream that may help. Small parts of a dream may be misleading. The whole dream usually has a story to tell with winding plots that may go in one direction and then another. The dream is a reflection of emotional conflicts that need resolution but unlike ego perception it is all truth.


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Re: What are my dreams telling me about a guy

Hey thanks for the reply!I normally want to back away because of him. I always seem to be putting in the effort and then he will sometimes, then he will stop to the point it is only me putting in the effort. My parents have always and still do have a great relationship, and they are still married and have been for a long time.
I don't really remember about the dream, just little bits, like my house mates was in the dream with me, one of which comforted me in the dream when I found the pictures.
In the dream I also remember before finding the pictures that we was on a train going to a near by city for uni work, with my house mates, which I lost my handbag on the train. I don't know if this has anything to do with any of this
One final add on from the dream was that the pictures was of him and a girl doing a skydive and being on holiday together.. I don't know if that means anything either
Thank you for the help

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 20 UK

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