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Cat bite

* a cat is biting my right hand; I am aware that it is doing so; I am looking at it - knowingly I do not want to hurt it, yet it is hurting me. In other words I could use my superior strength to forcably stop it but I choose not to bc I don't want to hurt it (or make it more angry / go wild).
It is biting me over my knuckles (so my hand is like a fist !)
I move my hand / arm and it continues to bite
I think it is about to let go, but it loosens its bite only to take a bigger bite - it''s mouth is wide open and its sharp caat teeth are right into my flesh.

* there is a young boy out in a playground, he is full of grief / sadness - a priest is urging me to go and comfort him (in the dream I don't like the priest / priests). I am asking him what am I going to say to the boyHe is advising me to / checking / preachingly telling me to use the book of Curtin (my family name) which he is referring to like the bible (like it is an irrefutable fundemental belief) - he knows I am not / don't carry it (because I don't believe in it)

strangely I felt very comfortable as I was resting in bed last night

thanks Jerry

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Re: Cat bite

The cat in some form would represent your anima and could have actual waking life female associations. A good bet the anima quality would represent your emotions, they are biting you. Your 'superior' strength would be the ego suppressing the emotions, not wanting to deny your true feelings to reveal itself {not wanting to hurt the cat} but on the other hand not wanting to confront them because of the pain involved. You have the ability {hand} to do this but the conscious ego doesn't allow it and aggressively prevents you from doing so {revealing your true emotions}.

As for waking life associations, is there a woman or women in your life that could be 'biting' at you?

The second part may be important. The young boy at the playground is you and his being full of grief would suggest those types of emotions when you were a child. Were there actual priests involved in your life as a child? Examine those associations and see where they take you.

Then there is the book of 'Curtin', something you don't believe in. That may suggest negative implications toward members of your family, and in particular to do with childhood issues. The comfortable feeling you had may be from an unconscious realization from this dream, the dream may have revealed something about your emotional self {first dream} that is very important.

The woman I asked about from the first dream may have associations in this dream.


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