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Nude dream

I recently attended a weekend personal growth retreat. During one part of the retreat I had really felt overwhelmed and "perceived" I was being criticized for being there and attending previous workshops. I felt like I was being "judged" and going to be "humiliated" in the group. I left early from the workshop without letting the leaders know. In reality I created all that in my head about being "judged" and had a variety of sensations of feeling small, etc.

That evening I had a dream that at the retreat center I was returning to my room, opened the door and walked in with the person I was sharing my room with in reality. I walked in and saw five or so large nude African-American women ( morbidly obese) and they all looked like they had down's syndrome or some other developmental delay. They were just standing there swaying. I asked as I walked through the door "what are you doing here?" I then woke up from the dream.

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Re: Nude dream

The general rule is that everyone in your dream is you, an aspect of yourself or qualities possessed by someone you identify with. The people are symbolic. The one other application would be the person in your dream who is someone very close to you {wife, mother/father, close relative/person you care for} who would/could literally represent herself/himself but would be in relationship to your emotional self {although the person could fit symbolically with the identification application}. Your dreams are about your emotions and not the relative/person close to you.

So, unless the person you live with is someone you care dearly about then they probably possess something you identify with. He would be 'a part of you', or what he possesses is a part of you or something you wish were/were not a part of you/your personality. The other people who be aspects/parts of your psyche. What has to be discovered is what they symbolically represent.

Also all or parts of a house, building, complex would be parts of you. The room you returned to is an emotional 'room' within you. You are returning from the retreat which would be a literal representation and the retreat experience would be involved in the dream message. It could also represent a 'retreat' from something in your life {it could be both}.

You enter this aspect of yourself and find the person you live with. Is that person a very close person/loved person? What aspects about this person do you identify with {being close/loved could be one}. The emotional 'room'/experience you entered would in some way involve this person.

The very large African American women would represent an anima aspect, a 'feminine' aspect in your psyche {we all possess masculine and feminine aspects}. This is a 'large' emotional issue which may represent unconscious motivations {black often symbolizes deep unconscious aspects, aspects that unconsciously motivate you, make you who you are}. The obesity could represent self esteem issues, over indulgence in some emotional issue {unconsciously motivated} or/and attempts to insulate yourself from surroundings or particular emotions or emotional experiences. The downs syndrome could represent emotional deficiencies {again to do with unconscious or conscious motivations}.

In other words you possess a large emotional complex that probably is unconsciously motivated. In your post you state in reality you created the emotional 'judgement' you felt. This dream most likely has to do with those issues and the foundations for them. The foundations would come from earlier life experiences, most often from childhood. What reasons are there in your life that would cause you to feel you are being judged when you know this is not the case in reality? What is it that makes you feel/act this way? This likely is an emotional complex you possess {African American women}. There could be issues with real African American women but the primary application likely is unconscious aspects and not literal {it could be both}. These emotional issues you possess probably represent emotional complexes you possess, very large issues that cause a 'delay' in your personal development.
What are these emotional issues doing to you and why?

The dream is probably addressing the issues you create in your head. But more than that it is trying to get to the roots to why you feel this way. What causes you to think such things? Where in your life did this 'judgement' issue begin and what does that involve? An experience{s} in your life that mad you feel small and continues to do so unconsciously. The retreat you attended may have brought these issues to the forefront and because they are controlling elements in your life {you have no control over} you have to justify your actions even though you consciously know better. It is the unconscious motivations that need to be discovered if you to rid yourself of them.


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Re: Nude dream

Jerry, Your answer is on the money 100% The African American women are not realty bases issues, hence, they are signs of my unconscious. I have done enough therapy on past childhood issues however energetically it is still a controlling influence. "Complex" is accurate and overwhelming to think of in terms of resolution. B

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 51 Ohio

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