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date rape savior

Where I remember my dream beginning, I was in a older man's apt. The dream was very realistic. I'm not sure what I was doing there, but it grew uncomfortable so I left, realized I forgot my cellphone and went back to get it while realizing I never took it out of my purse (indicative that he did it wanting me to return), when I got there I asked the man for a glass of water so I could grab the phone quickly without him realizing, so he wouldn't know and couldn't use it to keep me there since I felt uncomfortable, I took a few sips of the water, and said I was leaving he replied "you didn't finish your water" at that point I became skeptical that it contained the date rape drug, and was already feeling the effects walking out the door. I was rushing to get to my car and worried that I couldn't drive and barely walk, when i saw a handsome curlyhaired man my age and immediately felt like we had known each other forever, he told me the man in that apt was creepy and offered to drive me home. I gave him a big hug and kissed his chest, and told him we could get to know each other at my house, with no hankypanky (lol) considering I barely knew him. End of dream that I can remember

I had been raped in my teens and think this very well may be my subconscious telling me I'm not handling my emotions well. I also have a steady boyfriend (3 years) so it seems weird to me that this other man was so familiar to me and I felt very much safe and in love with him. Sadly even more so then my real life boyfriend.

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Re: date rape savior

My sense is the dream IS addressing the emotional aspects of the traumatic experience when you were in your teens. Often such an experience casts a negative outlook on relationships, you become weary of men. Sexual assault is a potent 'drug' in a woman's life and unconsciously {water} it can be more so {a driving mechanism that consciously you may not be aware of}. The skepticism of a relationship would come from the affects of the assault experience. You don not want to put yourself in that position again.

On the other hand the dreams seems to be addressing a need to open up to the positive aspects of a relationship. Despite the negative experiences of your teen assault, a crippling experience {barely able to walk}, the psyche has a natural positive attitude. relationships are a part of being human and despite the negatives the positives are as strong even in the worst case scenarios. Despite the 'crimped'/curly teen experience with the masculine, your natural psyche looks to the positive aspects of relationships. This positive self is a protector against the negatives. The caveat is any relationship must be done your way, on your time frame, until your are completely comfortable with the person {male} you are with. This last part looks to be a positive quality and may have to do with the relationship you are currently in {are you taking your time in its development?}. Even with time with a person there may be doubts about 'barely knowing' for sure who a person is. It is a matter of trust, something that may have been damaged due to the assault.


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