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Eating in dreams...

And I don't mean food. I've had several dreams where i swallow living things whole... a kitten, for example. the wierd part is that these things never die in the dreams. they always wind up being regurgitated and living the rest of their life as if nothing happened. they don't even get hurt in any way. More often than not,these living things are things i love. the kitten mentioned above was a beloved family pet. I don't know why i would have the dreams, but its beginning to disturb interpretation would be much appreciated.

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Re: Eating in dreams...

One possibility is by swallowing things you love may imply you are emotionally attached these things {which may point to a personality trait of being an emotional person}. You take them to heart because of your attachment and show your affection and love in return {regurgitating}. They don't die because they become a part of you. Being a loving, caring person doesn't hurt you, quite the opposite {as long as you don't let others take advantage of you}.

Another possibility, one that can apply along with the first, is you easily absorb {swallow} certain aspects/traits/attributes of people and things in your life and because you like them of think of them as positives they become a part of who you are. The kitten would be symbolic of a developing feminine aspect {we all possess both masculine and feminine aspects}. She is you, both of you being young, impressionable and developing.

Try these explanations on for size and see if they fit with who you are.


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