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Being shot in the head 3 times please help.... Please :(

Oka, so I had a dream where I was looking out the window and across the way I saw 3 men holding guns out a window dressed in like black bullet proof vests, waiting for a woman to come out so they could kill her. I could see that they wanted to do it with out any witnesses so I ran up the stairs to grab my mom and brother to tell them that it was dangerous out there and that they needed to get back into the house. The whole time im talking to my boyfriend on the phone and telling him whats going on like it was nothing. I was laying in front of a glass sliding door with my feet kicked up enjoying the sun, when all the sudden I see a woman in short black shorts a tank top and dark red hair walking my way, two trucks pulled up and one shot her in the side of the head and I saw her brains fly out the other side she took one more step and they shot her again before she fell we made eye contact, a van pulled up beside her and gathered her and noticed that I saw and shot me in the head I could feel the pressure and my first thought was wow that didn't hurt and then they shot me a second time and my thought was I didn't even get to tell my boyfriend I loved him and then the third shot. Each of the shots kept getting less severe like I was slipping away, and were all directed toward my head. And I just kept telling myself im not dead im not dead, and I just kept repeating that, and I woke up in a tiny chain linked cage only big enough to fit my body laying down and scoot out, I ran back to where I was shot and didn't see my body and I was just sobbing crying so bad when a old woman in a white gown with short white hair and a white scarf came up to me and she handed me the scarf and I was just sobbing kneeling before her crying im not dead I cant be dead and she handed me her scarf and I was folding it a fidgeting with it and saying I didn't see anything I cant be dead and then she grabbed my chin and lifted it up to see her and she didn't say anything but I could feel that she said im not dead and its time to wake up. When I did finally wake up I was laying with my feet crossed and arms crossed over my chest I couldn't move at all and I could hear a very loud ringing noise in my ears and it took me a second to actually be able to open my eyes and be awake. Please help me interpret this im really scared about what happened to me in my dream. And am even afraid to go to sleep now I really need help.

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Re: Being shot in the head 3 times please help.... Please :(

I sense deep emotional turmoil in your life from this dream. The dream seems to be pointing to unconscious emotional experiences you are trying not to let out consciously. What emotional crime are you protecting yourself from? You try to treat this experience as if it is nothing but unconsciously the emotions run deep. The experiences are capable od sliding open and shut perhaps indicating they have control over you emotionally at certain times. You are afraid to expose yourself to these experiences because they will cause emotional damage. The three shots may have been three experiences related to these emotional events and would involve a man or men. Because of these experiences you are incapable of fully expressing love and affection as you should. You have made yourself feel immune to the emotions consciously but unconsciously they have control over your life. Mentally you need closure because just thinking about the experiences {when you let yourself do so} cause you to be 'dead' to the real world You become tyied up emotionally and unable to function as you should}. These events have you caged into a small world of emotions. You probably have episodes of crying and emotions. Your world is almost entirely emotional that control you in almost every aspect. You are punishing yourself emotionally because of these experiences and need to open up to what happened and confront the experiences.

Look at your life and see where the above would fit. I don't believe you need to look too far because the emotions related to these experiences are strong and an everyday reminder.


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