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dream#4 Alien contact

This next dream started me out in a strange labyrinth of cement walkways and grass patches. It was a web of walkways with no walls just paths and grass seperating them. It was night time and there were other strangely clothed people around. More than ten all wearing old fashioned robes and tunics. I began walking the path I started out on for a moment than I looked to the sky and noticed clouds in the sky. They slowly dipped from the sky forming a thin stream before touching the ground just feet from where I was standing. Then rose back up into the sky. I looked up as high as I could and saw a huge, bright light split the clouds. The bright light as it rolled across the sky became the underbelly of a humungous alien spacecraft. On the surface were a network of thousands of lights all over it. A loud sound came from it as it rolled through and my vision went black. When I came to I was in a boiler room kind of setting. White pvc pipes webbed throughout the area. This area had a lot of red lighting to it. The flooring was made of metal grates much like the ones in large factories Metal railings lined the walkway and it had an upward slant that led into a giant room. The large room had normal lighting in it. Pressure gauges and meters of all kind covered the walls. I slowly walked up the walkway and saw steam spurt out vertically from a pipe. A second horizontal spurt of steam came seconds later as I continued. When I got to the large room I noticed that I wasn't alone. Aside from a large machine to the left and a small table covered with gismos about fifteen feet to the right there were two aliens. They looked very stereotypical with gray-ish white skin and large heads and big black eyes. They're body frames were thin and frail looking. One was tall and the other was short. I guess about six foot and the short one about five feet. The tall one was wearing an all black jump suit with a sheen to it that made it look plastic and wore white gloves and matching boots. The short one wore a similar jump suit with white gloves and boots but its suit was yellow. I approached and they heard my footstep and noticed me. The funny thing about this dream is that they looked rather surprised to see me. The aliens slightly jumped from being startled, then they simultaneously looked to each other. Then the shorter one picks up a blue box from the table and pushes a small button on it. It pops open and a large syringe was pulled out of it. It looked like an insulin pen. Then the aliens started making they're way toward me and I turned around to run away. I did a very funny kind of scream and ran in a silly manner. I don't know why maybe to try and give them a good laugh? I ran towards where my vision began and I awoke.....Confused.

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Re: dream#4 Alien contact

If you will provide a response to my previous post to your most recent post. Until you provide that info I can not provide further insights.


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