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Please help me analyze this dream

Okay, I had this dream two nights ago. Despite the fact that it was extremely strange and didn't make a whole lot of sense, I felt
}as though it was very important to remember said dream. My mind seemed convinced that this dream meant something . So I will type it out here as best as I can, I really hope you guys can help me figure it out.

The dream starts out with me living in this old rundown house with my younger brother, my older cousin Shane and his ex girl friend Saff I feel comfortable there despite the fact that the green paint is peeling off of the outside of the house and the numerous large dark holes in the wooden porch.

All of us just stand there on the broken porch grinning goofily at each other for what seems like hours. In this time I feel relaxed and happy. Next thing that happens iS that my brother (who's 15) decides that it is time for him to go to sleep and promptly climbs into one of the holes in the porch and begins to snore. None if us are bothered by this, we all act as though sleeping in such a place is perfectly normal. Shane, Saff and I head inside the house.

I do not remember what the inside of the house looked like. But as soon as I was inside I was pulled into an embrace by Saff, we shared a kiss that was unlike any I have had in my waking life. (It didn't seem sexual, but purely platonic). Shane witnessed this kiss and reacted merely by giving me me a look of pure disapproval. The scene slowly dims out.

Next thing I know I am in a small room. (Maybe a closet?) it is dimly lit by a lightbulb hanging by a string. The wall are panelled, made out of a dark rough looking wood. I am wearing a red bra that is way too large for me. I remove the ill fitting garment and search the room for a brassiere that will fit properly. I search frantically. Before I know it I am wearing the huge bra again. This repeats several times before I wake up.

I know it's a very strange dream. But if you have any ideas as to what it means please let me know.

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Re: Please help me analyze this dream

First let me direct you to my page A Simple Guide to Dreams for you to read so you will have an idea of the concepts of Jungian dream psychology and how I analyze dreams. This will help you understand your dream and the 'strangeness' of it.

Dream Analysis
The opening statement in your dream {which normally sets the stage for what the rest of the dream is trying to communicate to you about some aspect of your emotional life} suggests there is either a 'part' of you that is 'rundown' {the house is you} or/and is pointing to experiences in life that have resulted in negative influences in your personality and has affected your personal growth {who you are today}. The people in the dream were most likely involved in actual experiences during this period of your life {which at the age of 18 may still be continuing} and although there are vital aspects of yourself that are negative, their participation point to positive aspect during this period. Overall your personal life {and personal growth as a person} has 'dark holes'. The green paint on the outside would be positive aspects of your persona/personality that is 'dead' inside {wood}, negative forces/experiences/influences in your life in general.

This broken part of yourself involves experiences related to the named people in the opening of the dream. These were 'pleasing experiences' from your past, a time were you felt relaxed and happy despite the 'rundown' conditions of your overall life.

This broken part of yourself involves experiences related to the named people in the opening of the dream. These were 'pleasing experiences' from your past, a time were you felt relaxed and happy despite the 'rundown' conditions of your overall life. There are conscious associations to your brother that are/were distracting {he may have done something to break the happy mood} but because this type action is expected from your brother it does not affect the overall experience. It is the inner experience that you share with Shane and Saff that the dream is primarily focused. This may point to a particular experience in your waking life {involving your brother} but the emotional aspects have more to do with Shane and Saff.

The embrace and kiss with Saff is not a literal experience but symbolic of 'embracing' something associated with Saff. It is not a 'conscious' waking life experience but rather an unconscious one. Something about her {related to her you identified with} awoke something within you that was/is positive, something you accept/want as a part of you {kiss}. It isn't a sexual kiss/embrace {this type dream statement/feeling is literal}but rather a 'close relationship' or identification with. It is something Shane disapprove of {Saff is his ex which may suggest the qualities shared are what he disapproves}.

Closets are where you keep personal things out of sight. The dimly lite experience suggest it is something that is consciously 'dim' {an unconscious thing that is barely conscious}. The walls are what your 'house' is made of, wood being the strong influences that make up/determine how you live your life. Your 'rundown' house, or aspects of it, are 'hanging' which may suggest insecurities within yourself. It is something on the outside that is 'rough' looking, 'what you are made of' {wood} that is the primary issue {in this dream}.

The bra probably has two primary associations {all dreams and dream images have at least two}. One would be the overall 'rundown' condition of your personal life and the other 'possibly' to do with bras and what they support {breasts}. Could this be the aspect that you identify with in Saff, one that Shane disapproves of {breasts}? No matter what you do you can not remove what is already there {red is the color for desire}. Is this an issue in your life? If so, and this 'literal'possibility is something I rarely will point to because most dreams do not make a direct statement about an experience, then you will know instantly if it fits {if it fits then the interpretation of the dream symbols are correct}. This may be the part of the dream that is pointing to 'one' particular experience.

In short the dream focus may be on self image. Is that something that is an issue? Also a focus on your life in general, not only emotionally but perhaps economically.

The second aspect would be focused on your life in general and the people would have the same associations but the experiences would be different. What shared experiences {other than the 'bra} are there with Shane and Saff that are hidden and would involve insecurities? Look at Saff and determine what she possesses that you identify with {other than breasts, big or small}. This would also be a focus of the dream but a lesser one. Let me know your conclusions and perhaps we can determine more from that.


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