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Faceless man

I am married, but twice I have dreamt about a man whose face I can't see. We are attracted to each other, flirt and kiss. The second dream we did have passionate sex, but it was interrupted. I felt so guilty once I woke up and am hoping I'm not the worst wife in the world! Any ideas what this could mean?

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Re: Faceless man

Me to you,
Because of the guilt feelings, and if there has not been infidelity on your part, the dream may be pointing to something you desire but have not actually one. Flirting and kissing and passionate sex. Is that something that is missing in your marriage? If so the dream may be more 'Freudian' {wish fulfillment and sexual desire}. The interruption in the second dream may relate to 'something is not going as planned {or desired}' as you wished or would like. It could also point to guilt because of having such desires {interrupting natural desires}. Waking feelings of guilt are important because they are usually a continuation of and the result from the dream. And the fact you wrote in your post 'am hoping I'm not the worst wife in the world' itself may point to feelings of guilt.

The other possibility would have to on with inner conflicts to do with your masculine qualities {your animus}. There may be problems integrating masculine aspects. There is a possibility of guilt feelings associated with this function but I would look to the first possibility to why you ha this dream. If that does not fit then look to the second.


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