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Ledge. I can remember are ledges everywhere. The man I am dating's son was there. He was little almost like a fairy or size of a cat or something. The boy seemed to be on the ledge the most. The whole dream seemed to repeat these rock ledges that had to be cautiously walked on. There was a small lip on the ledge you could kind of walk on. The kids would walk on it but the adults on the other side would have to protect them as they walked. The scene changed to children and I at the top of bleachers (imagine high school football game beachers for a visual, but the bleachers were not at a high school)
One child fell. It was my son Ashton. He fell from the top of some bleachers. I can't remember if he was ok. The scene changed to the cliff ledges again. Someone came to take my boyfriend's son. I don't know who it was, but it appeared to be someone from dr office, psychologist, maybe.

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Re: Ledges

i apologize for not getting to your dream sooner. My web host normally sends an e-mail when a new dream request is posted but has not functioned as it should in the past week.

The ledges would be those emotional issues in your life that cause tension/anxiety over. What issues are there involving the son of the man you are dating? This seems to be a focal point in the dream {the boy is on the ledge the most}.

The change of scenes and being at the top of the bleachers may point to reflections to do with past experiences {high school bleachers but with the high school pointing to experiences already learned}. Are there similar experiences involving your son and the man's son {learned experiences}? There may be issues here involving the relationship with the man or his son that need examining {psychologist}. The examination could be an inner search of your own self also.


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