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Spiritual / Paranormal? Or am I just crazy?

My mum is really into the spiritual/paranormal kind of world. She does house cleansings and tarot readings, all that jazz so I've grown up with the belief in other worlds. When I was about 8 or 9 years old, one night I was in bed and i could hear a voice calling my name. I thought it was my parents so went to their bedroom but they were sleeping so I returned to bed. A few moments later I heard my name being called again, no louder than a whisper, so i went to my brothers room to see if it was them but they were asleep so i went back to bed. Once again I heard my name being called and something in my gut told me to look outside so i did. With all seriousness, there is a large tree outside my window and underneath it I saw a shining figure which I made out to look like Jesus. He was in perfect detail and he was just standing there, just calling my name. Being so young i was terrified and hid under the blankets until i fell asleep. I still remember it so clearly. Anyway, a few years back I was having lots of weird dreams and I was curious as to what some people might think about my dream and someone linked it to a story in the Bible. Sam 3: verse 1-something, i believe it was. Anyway, years have passed and nothing particularly weird has happened. I still have really crazy dreams though.

The past couple of days I have been experiencing freezing cold spots even though my family says its hot. I'll be warm and then suddenly I will become freezing cold for no particular reason. Things have been moving around in my room. Not major things but things will be turned differently or moved when i know i havent touched it. sometimes in the corner of my eye i might catch something but theres nothing there. then about 3 days ago in the tree outside my window, all these birds have been sleeping in the tree. i've been living in this house for years and this has never happened before. i can get so close to them and they wont move. they arent in any other trees, only the one outside my window where i had that Jesus experience thing. i had some friends over and they said they felt like there was something watching them in my room and then mum came in the other day and said she saw a spirit in my car. i've been having all these dreams with the same sort of plotline, just different settings or people. i dream that this person keeps following me and every time i try to look at them, they're gone. and i get frustrated because i know they want to talk to me but we cant communicate to each other. and then these things follow me around, trying to make sure i cant reach the person trying to contact me. i always have crazy dreams but now they're just getting more and more vivid.

maybe im just crazy but i feel like theres something more. so if someone can give us a hand in interpreting what this all might mean or should i check myself in somewhere? thank you

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Re: Spiritual / Paranormal? Or am I just crazy?

Can you post a specific dream associated with these 'paranormal' events you have had recently? it is difficult to comment on what you have experienced or felt not knowing more about you in-depth. Posting a dream will allow me to look within your unconscious and may provide clues to these experiences. it is likely your mother's paranormal activities has influenced your psyche but to what extent will require a deeper examination. Also if you would post the bible verse you mentioned in this post so can be sure of what it says. How are those dreams linked to the bible verse? if you will provide this info i should be able to provide insights to your unconscious world if not some conscious aspects.


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