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There was a black hard-shell animal (something like a scorpion) with a white stinger at the end of its body. It was freely moving among us (my mother, brother and a friend, as far as I remember). I saw it a couple of times but I didn’t feel I was scared of it. I assumed others were aware of it as well. Once, when it got close to my mom, she said, “it is dangerous” and asked my brother to do something with its stinger. My brother brought a cutter (something like a paper cutting machine) and places its stinger between the blades. As he was trying to cut the stinger, the animal got bigger (I didn’t see that it got bigger but when I turned to see my brother and the animal I noticed it was so much bigger than it had been that he had to bend on the cutter, forcefully cutting the stinger). As my brother was involved, the animal was motionless but tremendously suffering and sweating and directly looked into my eyes. I was telling it (aloud or in my mind): “I know you are suffering so badly but I cannot help. You are dangerous.” (I was confused as to what we could do—kill? Cut its stinger? Leave it?) As the process ended the creature got smaller. While I was chatting with my friend it disappeared between us. I told her, “now that we cut its stinger it is more dangerous. It will kill any person it bites.”
I woke up and fall back asleep after 10-15 minutes.
“I was on a journey with many people. Some of them moved in the same direction as I, but there were people who moved in other directions as well. During this journey I had met many people. One of them had a very high social and financial position but wore a weary dress. I do not know which kind of position she had but as I remember somebody asked me whether I knew her. I said, “No.” When she revealed her identity I was amazed that such a great person is here in a weary dress! I surprisingly was looking at her when somebody came and asked her for help and she fulfilled her requirement. (She gave the needy person something/money? Some papers? Which made him/her so happy). As I was amazed and admiring her for her generosity and being such a humble person in my mind, she looked at me and smiled. I continued my journey. As I went further, I saw a person whom I thought he/she needed help. [I cannot identify the gender of these people because they were in long dresses with their hair covered up. I sensed that the journey was a pilgrimage and people were in long dresses walking on a dusty road]. I asked her, “Do you know there are many good people with us who can help you? Some of them are disguised and you may not be able identify them on the spot. One of them is that person.” I pointed to the person whom I talked about earlier. I arrived at a chemistry shop. I knew the chemist to be a cheater and I wanted to arrest her. She and her apprentice had a small shop. She stubbornly denied her guilt but I forced her to confess. Eventually, she confessed, “I did not intentionally cheat. I am running a small shop and I do not have enough materials to work on so I was forced to cheat.” She opened a drawer that was in front of her to show me her lack of materials. There was a small syringe; with an orange liquid in it that I knew that was the illegal substance she was using and I wanted to arrest her for that, and three or four rows of stone standing on the drawer.

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Re: Dream!

You didn't provide your age which can be important.

The first dream looks to be addressing 'stinging/hurtful' comments/experiences made to you or by you. Something that happened before the dream that may point to personality traits ingrained in your psyche {early life experiences/influences that caused you to have the personality you have}. Either you are easily hurt by comments made by other people or you have a tendency to say things that are hurtful. Your brother and mother may be 'literally' involved in a particular experience {relevant to the dream and your psyche} but one or the other {especially your brother} may symbolize aspects of your personality {animus/masculine qualities}. In that manner your brother would represent the ability to severe the attitude you possess to do with hurtful remarks {made to you or by you}. The involvement of your mother may point to an exact experience {comments made by you to your mother or vice versa}. Her being in the dream may also point to similar qualities the two of you share.

Look to days before the dream and see what experiences you had that involved 'stinging/hurtful' comments. It would be something that had emotional energy and being such would either point to how hurtful comments affect you or an attitude you possess to say hurtful things. You may be affected by 'biting' comments more than you should be {you possess very sensitive feelings} or you tend to make 'singing/hurtful' comments to others {because of personality traits}. Personality traits you need to resolve {requiring masculine qualities of discipline and abilities}.

The Second Dream
Continuing from the first dream I sense there are parts of you that are disguising who you really are {inside}. Consciously you are one person with negative qualities but inside you are entirely different. But you are having difficulties being this true self. You may have refused help on these issues from qualified people. There is one particular aspect that may need your attention more than others. You lack the 'materials' {discipline/will power?} to be your true self and have to 'cheat' to create an impression to fool others. You are motivated by something beyond the normal control of your abilities. That could point to personality issues. Or it could be something else. Do you have problems with 'substance abuse' {illegal substance}?

The second dream seems to be addressing overall personality traits while the first dream touches on that but may involve actual experiences {stinging comments}. If I knew your age it would be helpful. The first dream seems to point to a younger person but the second an older adult. Age does matter when analyzing dreams and can detour a correct interpretation by not knowing the age of the dreamer.


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