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The Foxes

Hello! What an amazing site, by the way!
I had a dream I was living in this house in the woods. I should protect the cats living inside from the one eyed foxes who would try to get inside the house.
Some time in the dream, I threw rocks at the foxes to scare them away. Then this creature, person body, fox head, wearing a black cape, holding a lantern, came out of the woods towards me to defend the one eyed foxes. I woke up.
What could it mean?

Re: The Foxes

Not much to go on and not having your age and gender hampers a good analysis also. But let's see what I can come up with.

The house in the woods is you {the house is you}. The woods would represent the primary 'substance' your life is made of and how that has branched out as you have grown older.Cats usually represent the 'feminine'aspects which in turn could point to emotional aspects {women are thought to be more emotional}. Protecting the cats would represent protecting certain emotions, perhaps by ignoring or repressing them. Foxes are 'clever' animals and the one eyed fox may point to concealing thoughts, unconsciously remaining 'silent' to the emotional issues the dream is trying to communicate. With one eye you can not see clearly. Trying to get into the house would be an attempt to 'break through the barriers' so you can understand these issues and resolve them {that is what dreams attempt to do, help you resolve emotional issues}. You throw rocks at this issue {creating even more barriers} The black cape is covering up unconscious contents and the lantern is the dreams attempt to help you see. Yet there is an effort to defend this position/issue you possess, seeing things with only one eye and not with a clear vision.

Is there an issue you are currently dealing with that perhaps you are not 'seeing' clearly? Or an emotional issue that you are covering up for one reason or another. There may be an issue in your waking life that you fail to see with good insights that has to do with who you are as a person {the house in the woods}. You may be deceiving yourself, being deceived or possibly trying to deceive someone else {foxes}.


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