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New dream :)

Morning Jerry!!! Finally I remembered a dream. Is it normal to get a headache when trying to remember?? Just curious anyway. it is a very broken dream with several diff sequences. heres what I remembered:

I was in my red truck in front of a house or trailer im not sure which one and I was saying that it was mine and that I didnt want "walt and cindy" to see it. I was waiting for them. It was sunny and pretty out and it looked like we were in the country. Someone was with me not sure who though. But it felt like I was looking at my home. (Walt and Cindy are my youngest daughters grandparents long story)

Not sure what happened after that but the next thing I remember is that i was in a house. I looked back and i can remember seeing what looked like a big black radio and underneath it water started to seep out.( this is a pattern in my dreams that I have picked up on water coming from underneath something or water coming in somewhere.) The colors in this part were more black and white.

More happened but I cant seem to be able to recall what happened.

The last thing I remember I was outside in front of a big grocery store. it had windows all over it. I think I was debating about going inside but there were people smashed against the windows trying to get to me. It was very sunny and bright. for some reason I feel like I was on a military base at a px. well thats it I hope you can come up with something from my broken dream lol thanks again jerry!!

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Re: New dream :)

Try this on for size and see if it fits.
Is the dream addressing conflicting emotions between old obligations and new creative aspects? Not sure whether is was a house or a trailer {although may be though of as a vague recollection} is in fact a choice between the two, conflicting emotions. There is indecision/conflict, not wanting parts of yourself, Walt and Cindy {share names with grandparents?} to endure this conflict between old {obligations} and new identity {metaphysics/creativity}. Time will tell what happens {waiting}. Your conscious life is good {sunny and pretty} and ready for expansion {country}. The someone with you is your true self, and the home is you.

The house is you. The black radio are messages from the unconscious. It can also represent intuition. Water also represents unconscious contents. Something from your unconscious is seeping out. The black and white may represent opposites and/or conflict.

Outside is the conscious self. A grocery store represents a place where you buy nourishment. You are in front of this inner aspect and can see in. The smashed people would be aspects of yourself, against the window trying to get out, these aspects wanting to come out {smashed people probably represents inner conflicts}. Again your conscious life is positive. The military base may suggest a need for discipline and/or regimentation. The PX would be the remedy that comes from these disciplines.

Being fragments of a dream make it difficult t analyze but from what I know about you this may fit. Let me know what you think.


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Re: New dream :)

As always I agree!! so now the digging. what aspect is it that wants out? what was the radio trying to tell me? (I find when I ask myself personal questions I can then find the truth.) Could the radio symbolize all of the things i hear and see and then could the water then indicate the truth or the unseen of all the things I take in. Its like i have said before I can see the metaphors for life in movies and I can hear the symbols in all music. its like "God, personified is speaking to me". (It is the connecting of the minds isnt it? I mean when I hear a song and then identify with it on a deeper level doesnt that then connect my mind with that of the writer? Wouldnt it then be a language all of its own? just a thought but maybe the story of the tower of babble in the bible is a metaphor about humans being able to understand symbolic language?) Back on subject lol! i will look inward and reflect on what you said and as always I look forward to discovering what this dream says ty!! p.s. i had a new dream last night cant wait for you to read it. I dont know why but I feel something very profound in it!! Oh and no headache this morning while remembering lol yea!!!

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 30 missouri

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