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Data Streaming...

O.K., I have looked all over but can't find anyone else that is having the same type of "dream"... It started about 5 years ago or so, when I started streaming data as I slowly woke up. My dreams are extremely detailed and vivid and I dream in color now. They are like an incredibly detailed anime cartoon, with intense colors and fine lines with tons of detail. As the sun starts coming through the window and I begin to wake up in the morning, I realize that I am waking up and not dreaming anymore. However, the visions are still happening, so I wake up very slowly.

As I wake up a little more the vivid dreams change over to a data stream! It's like a 5 or 6 column Excel spreadsheet that scrolls upward at a very fast rate. I can see all kinds of data in the columns, some with capital letters, some with lower case letters, some with mixed case letters, some with partial sentences or phrases, and some with numbers. There is no rhyme or reason to where or which column they are located in, as numbers will show up with letters and so forth. Sometimes I can actually read some of the data if I focus hard enough, and it just seems like a mixture of words and numbers that seem to have no meaning that I know of.

When the light from the sun comes into the room, and my eyes are still closed, the light comes through my eyelids and bounces off the back of my retina and seems to "project" the data onto the inside of my eyelids, which acts as a projection "screen". I see this EVERY morning when I wake up, and I actually can almost see it "at will" if I close my eyes for a minute or so. My eyes almost seem to be always in a state of REM, and I can feel them rolling upward even if I sit still, close my eyes, and rest in my chair. The data stream can happen almost immediately, and I can see the data move upward at a fast pace.

Sometimes I can direct the motion to either side or even downward if I concentrate enough. I know that I am awake, so it's definitely not a dream of some sort. The only thing I can figure is that this is data from the previous day or week that my brain is trying to process and "store" in slots for recall later. But even if this is true, HOW does this happen? A data stream implies a computer of some kind. I don't look at Excel spread sheets all day long, so it's not something that is being ingrained in my mind for later...

So I really don't know what's going on, since I haven't heard of ANYONE else that has reported this... Any ideas?

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Re: Data Streaming...

It sounds to me you are in some type of subliminal state, conscious but with unconscious contents still available while awake. It would be rare but not wholly unusual {unusual to be in such a state}. The streaming but indiscernible data would be unconscious contents that have not been completely processed {your dreams are attempting to sort through your emotions and help resolve any conflicts}. Even in this state the dream is still trying to process the emotional data. There are major issues that need to be recognized {capital letters} as well as minor issues from day to day conflicts {lower case letters}. We all have both type of emotional issues and dreams are processing both using the same images/symbols. Numbers are also data that needs to be processed {specific numbers or combinations all have meaning}. Because you feel there is no rhyme or reason to which 'column' they belong may indicate something about your emotional life. Because you are in a subliminal state you are within the realms of the unconscious and any emotional structures would still come through.

There also seems to be some lucid dreaming as well {directing the motion}. That may contribute to the subliminal state since both involve conscious control while in an unconscious state {subconscious state}. Dreams are not only processing the data {emotional experiences} from the previous day, they are processing emotional experiences from your whole life {including childhood where the foundations of who you are as an adult are formed}. The mind is a computer {of sorts}. Dreams are nature's device to help resolve the 'spread sheets'of emotions from life. Because dreams have a language of symbol and metaphor the 'Excel' {that word alone may have meaning excelling in life} spread sheets would not be merely a literal thing but symbolic {it can be both if you actually work with spread sheets}. What is ingrained in your mind are those experiences/influences those possessed enough emotional energy to be stored. Those stored energies are what unconsciously contribute if not control your conscious life.

The fcat this began 5 years ago may be significant. Was there anything particularly emotional that occurred at that time {or just before}? You are just past mid way of the mid-life stage of life {35-60}. The number 5 comes up twice in your post {even numbers used in this form can have meaning, notations of emotional energies}. The number 5 can be symbolic for 'changes'. From 5 to 6 may indicate a transformation in your personal 'spread sheet'. A 'fast paced' life going through the normal changes in the stages of life.


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