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Hello, I had a strange dream last night and I'm hoping someone could help me please.

I was at a building and went to a secluded area and met 6 men, I started talking to them and I liked them straight away because they reminded me of my dad, I'm not sure what we talked about but I had to leave quickly,
A few days later in my dream I was at a party in a government building and the six men were hiding in there, one clutching a newspaper cut out of my dad's death, ( in real life my dad died nearly a year ago) I snatched it off him and my real brother was behind me and all of a sudden we realised they all looked like my dad, all looked like my brother and i, they said they already knew we were half siblings, but didn't know how to tell us and they had held their own funeral for dad, I hugged them then woke up. :(

I hope someone can help me with this please :) thank you

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Re: Brothers


The dream seems to be addressing aspects of your psyche that are unconsciously controlled by your father {unconsciously rule your life}. The six men would represent masculine ego/conscious aspects. You like the qualities they possess because they are like those of your dad.

The government building {the building is you} is what rules your psyche {unconscious influences/motivators}. Again the six men would be your masculine/animus aspects {we all have masculine/feminine qualities/aspects-see link}. The newspaper is knowledge within your psyche and being cut out of your dad\\\'s death {aspects of your dad cut out of what/who he was}. You snatching it off is taking some of these aspects as your own. Looking like your brother and yourself is the influence from your dad. Half sibling is half of who you are, your masculine aspects. Not knowing how to tell you is not knowing of these unconscious influences. You embrace these qualities.

My sense is the dream is pointing to qualities your dad possessed that unconsciously rule your life. There is a good possibility these unconscious \\\'motivators\\\' will push you toward choosing relationships with men who possess the same qualities/personality as your dad. You would unconsciously married/have a relationship with men just like your dad {unconsciously driven to do so}. Depending on the relationship with your father this could be a good or bad thing. If he was a good father {not perceived as such but in reality} then these motivators would be a positive in your life. But if he had bad habits then you will tend to choose men who are like him even though consciously you do not recognize these qualities in them.
Note: I\\\'ve personally known women who have done this, chosen partners that were replacements for their father. Unfortunately it was one bad relationship after another and will continue this pattern until they recognize the influences.

A response to my analysis is requested.


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