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Eery dream (s)

In my dream there was this girl, in anime form. She had dark black long hair and she didn't want to be a girl. She wanted to join a group of men who fight off big monsters. She cried and got mad when she was told she couldn't join since she was a girl. But she claimed she was just as good as any other male.

Later in my dream, I was at some kind of prom/pageant looking event. We were all dressed in nice gowns and I was sitting alone with strangers at my corresponding table. Then when my name was called, I walked up to the stage and received a scroll. As I was walking down the stairs, I saw myself in the mirror. I looked beautiful-but my face wasn't clear.I had my long brown hair again and it was up with flowers in it. And I had a beautiful light blue gown that sparkled. When I went back to the tables, I decided to sit with a group of girls who I thought were beautiful as well. But then I realized I didn't fit in. They were so outgoing and loud, and they laughed a lot. They didn't really take me into consideration. Then some girls came back wearing plain casual clothes. Then I looked down and I realized I was wearing my used up prom dress, and I felt like nothing.

After that dream, I saw two pencils, where the sharpened led had to enter into the small holes made in another pencil. Then the doctor came in and said that my mother had passed away (she's alive in reality). And I looked over at my dad and he was calm but I could tell he was in disbelief and kept working. Then I came across the doctor and realized he hadn't sharpened the pencil right to fit in the hole and that made me go crazy. I yelled and screamed from the top of my lungs and blamed him for not doing his job right and killing my mom. And he just stood there. And then I finally woke up.

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Re: Eery dream (s)

I sense the dream is addressing identity issues. You are not sure who you are and need clarity to your life. You probably don\\\'t fit in well with most people you associate and/or of your age. You probably have an introverted personality and prefer quiet environments in your life.

As for the issue of being male instead of female. The anime character may suggest how you present yourself is not the real you. Wanting to be male and killing monsters may reflect animus aspects, the inner ability to fight off your \\\'inner monsters\\\'. It could be about sexual identity. You should know if the sexual aspect is applicable and be able to confirm or dismiss it fairly quickly. If it applies then it would be a prime issue the dream is attempting to address.

The last part of the dream does seem to point to issues that perhaps you feel {albeit unconscious} you were \\\'drawn up wrong\\\'. You either have a more broad masculine side {mother dead, father calm} or again there are issues to do with sexual identification. The right part of you, who you really are, has not been sharpened as it should have been {not identified} and your true identity is in dispute. Your mom is your highest feminine quality and that part of you is \\\'dead\\\'. It is an issue that is unresolved {he just stood there}.

What issues of identity are you having trouble with? I sense this dream is about these emotional conflicts.


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