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cutting belly open being poisoned by brother

Hi. The dream:

I see a white young woman attempting to abort her baby by cutting her belly open. I am thinking- how sad and stupid and unnecessary pain to cut herself open to get to her womb---

Then same dream, after I tell my brother in the dream that I have a life threatening allergy to sea food, I am at my parent's house and he puts a piece of grilled fish in my mouth without my knowing what it is. When I realize what it is I spend at least three or four hours in the dream cleaning out my mouth, trying not to swallow it, trying to regurgitate any pieces that I did swallow out of me.

Then I start to feel the effects of the seafood allergy but only mildly as a little bit of nerve paralysis.

That was the dream in full and it seemed to last all night.

Fact- I am allergic to seafood in real life.
I woke up this morning from the dream and accidentally electrocuted myself on the air conditioner plug. My left hand hurts and is burned where the sparks and soot landed on my fingers.
My brother in real life has become very mean to me.



Re: cutting belly open being poisoned by brother

Cutting open the belly and aborting a baby may represent cutting into repressed emotions and putting an end {abort} to those that cause you to be vulnerable to your emotions. These issues go back to the origins of who you are {womb} and the painful experiences from early life that cause these vulnerabilities. You are particularly sensitive {allergies}to issues to do with your parents. There are psychosomatic aspects that have become real physically real as an adult. You have tried to repressed these feelings {swallowing} but now there is a need to let these emotions out {regurgitate}. You are now facing the full effects of these emotional energies and you feel helpless in confronting the issues.

Likely the dream is addressing issues that started as a child and now are surfacing in your adult life. You say your brother is now being mean to you. Is his personality related to his childhood, the meanness due to his upbringing? You need to get these emotions out so you can find ways to resolve the issues.


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