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  • 6. All dreams have at least two meanings or applications. One is the symbolic representation, metaphorical of the emotional energies, and the second being a literal application where a person, place or experience is addressing a real life experience. More about this in the Basics of Dream Analysis section at Power of Dreams

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    Re: Guy wants me dead

    The worst thing you can do is to repress these emotions. They are energies that unconsciously control your conscious life. It is easier to not to think about them but that only allows the issues to fester and grow. At 30 they already have a grip on you. If not resolved by the age of 45 the worst case scenario is they can drive you to the nut house. Most people life with similar issues and their lives are empty, full of emotional pain. I was there at one time. I know what the unconscious motivators are and most come from childhood. They have to be acknowledged and resolved or 'inner' life will be a continuous hell {there will some good times consciously but on the inside there is constant conflict}. The guy in your dream that wants you dead is these unconscious motivators that were imprinted on your psyche as a child. You have to find ways to wipe that slate clean. It is a psychological issue.

    As for this guy wanting to put a muzzle on your mouth. That is probably true but the deeper issue is putting a muzzle on these inner issues. The dream is about this guy but this guy is also symbolically you {your masculine self as I have pointed to}. Your statement you don't want to think about your childhood confirm this. You are muzzling yourself.

    As for the dream you last posted. The guy is you. The 'she' is you also {it is a norm to look at all the people in a dream as aspects of yourself}. You need an emotional cleansing. The dream is dealing with both the issue of the real man you want an apology from as well as these inner issues.

    Note: All dreams do this {I have 3500+ posted dreams, plus several thousand responses at this Dream Forum that illustrates this}, all dreams/all dream symbols have at least two meanings/applications.

    But there is a need for a self apology also, an apology for holding these issues in. You have an emotional conflict with this man. But you also have an emotional conflict with yourself. Two applications to the one symbol.

    The dog is you also, the loyal, trustworthy aspect that wants to please its human master. It is incapable of being dishonest so what it {dog} represents is doing what is right in accord with making life acceptable to you the dreamer. And that involves resolving the emotional conflicts. Dogs don't want conflicts with their human masters, they only want love and acceptance {as do you}. To achieve this, resolving the unconscious conflicts {the 'looking back' is in the back of the mind} is what will put a smile on his/your face. A simple dream once you understand the symbolic value of the images as well as the internal conflicts of the dreamer.

    I believe we have a good understanding of this dream. The title itself tells you what is occurring within you as well as in your waking life. Both these issues are 'killing you' {symbolically}. Do you let them get away with it or di you make changes in your life to resolve the issues? Repressing the inner issues will only allow it to live within you as long as it wants. The issue with the man is partly due to the inner issues but requires a change/move that gets you away from him and the emotional conflict he causes. It is up to you now that you know what the issues are.

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    Re: Guy wants me dead

    I just had to comment on this twist of a dream I had last night. I probably should mention that I told this guy a long time ago that he should put a muzzle on his mouth. It'll state the obvious that I think he owes me an apology, but I never think that he's sorry or nice enough to do so.

    My dream:

    I was in his house, but it was a little too fancy to be his house. In the main area was a tub. A female family member was in the tub, and I joined her to cleanse. She said something to me, but I don't remember what. Then, I saw him standing around the corner seeing us talk, and I quickly looked away. His family members said that their dog talked to them and told all of them that he should apologize to me. They thought that was special for their dog to talk so he wanted to apologize. When I looked back at him, he had a big, warm smile on his face.

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    Re: Guy wants me dead

    I just wanted to clarify that the female family member was his when I wrote a female family member was in the tub.

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    Re: Guy wants me dead

    In case it is significant, I also forgot to write that the female relative of his stepped out of the tub when I got in it. Then she said something to me.

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    Re: Guy wants me dead

    Thank you very much, Jerry.

    I was just curious if a dream could ever be about someone else instead or our self? For example, sometimes people have dreams of a loved one who died. So, they wonder if a message in a dream is coming from that person. But, is it really coming from self instead of the person who died? Also, I asked for a dream to see how a particular guy saw me. But, I guess the dream was about my feelings/thoughts instead of his.

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    Re: Guy wants me dead

    Your dreams are about you and your emotions, not someone else's. Dreams do not connect with the dead. If you dream of a loved one who has died the contact is from your unconscious and not from them in the 'after world'. A wife or husband in a dream would be a bout that relationship but in direct reference to your emotions. A named person in a dream is in relationship to your emotional self. A person you know who is not a relative or very close who usually have qualities you identify with {this includes celebrities and famous people}. An unnamed person is usually addressing aspects within your psyche and although it could be related to a real person it is because there is something about that person you have associations with. Any of the above could be as described but at the same time represent aspects of your psyche. For instance if you dream about your mother the dream would likely be focusing on that relationship. But it could also, at the same time, be directed at you being a mother. One is usually the primary focus of a dream and the other a secondary reference that would also apply {but would/may not be a major emotional conflict}. These are standard applications I use in dream analysis and I have found them to be true {although there are exceptions to any rule}. Dreams compensate what we already know {albeit unconscious} and rarely predicts anything. If it does predict it is usually because we already have enough info stored within the unconscious to know this is the likely thing that will happen.


    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 64 Cocoa, Fl

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