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Weird dream please help interpret

So I had this dream I was talking to my ex and told her I know a doctor that can get her weed (she was a pot head) and so she agreed to meet me and said she wasn't dating the guy she was with anymore. I was excited to see her again. So when I get there I drop her off at the doctors and wait outside in the car. It was dark out and I was the only car in the lot. I see her come out and I get out the car to meet her. We go into this building in this empty lobby And she gets on the phone with someone and I ask her if she's lying about not dating that guy no more and she said he lives in the same building but not with her. This got me mad and I tried not to show it. We go outside and a couple of her new friends that don't exist in real life are there guys and girls and she gets along with them so well like they been friends for years and I start to notice she looks really different wearing make up ( she never wears it) and they start talking about how they have a warehouse where they grow weed and I get more ****** and say then why the **** did you even need me to get you that. And from here I don't remember too much besides going into this warehouse and waking up angry and depressed. In way it felt good seeing her again though. I just don't know what my subconscious is hinting at with this

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Re: Weird dream please help interpret


The dream seems to be addressing issues of the relationship with your ex as well as inner issues to do with feminine aspects. You didn't post the state you are from which could be a bit relevant since in some states doctors are allowed to prescribe medical marijuana. In such a case that part of the dream {the opening part of a dream would point to the primary issue of the dream} could be primarily about healing and using pot {ill health, not thinking straight} may point to a particular aspect that needs healing. This could be very important in analyzing your dream.
Also, you state she 'was' a pot head. This is a truth, has she quite that or was it just a phrase you used to denote the past? That could also point to relevant issues related to health and healing. I'll work with what I perceive to be what you intended.

My impression of the dream is it is addressing issues you have or had that relates to the relationship. This would be the primary focus of the dream with a secondary focus being about feminine qualities within your psyche {I'll address that later}. I sense you still have feelings for her but also have trouble with trust and doubt. You are excited to see her {in the dream} but the building {what housed the relationship} has an empty lobby which would suggest something that is empty about the conscious relationship {lobby}. The lying aspect may be a real waking issue as could your doubts about you being the only man in her life {I was the only car in the lot}. You have tried to hold in your true feelings about these issues but at the least unconsciously that are an emotional conflict for you. There was/is probably a lot of anger also in the relationship.

I also sense the possibility that some of what you feel about the relationship may be either as much imaginary or you are not for certain about what is true amd what is not {are you imagining these things about what you feel or are they real issues?}. That is where the doubt plays a role. Consciously {on the outside} you may believe something about her but are in doubt {friends that don't exist}. This statement may also be about the relationship between you and her, one that no longer exists. Yet she gets along with them may be a statement about how you get along better without the past relationship as it was. Now you see her in a different light and know there are aspects she has covered up, things that prompt her {and you in your feminine qualities} not to be who she really is {the true way you feel about her}.

Then the dream seems to be pointing to reality, how you really feel deep down. There is still the problem or with doubts to do with her about who she really is. The going into the warehouse would point to what you believe is still a motive in her life {the warehouse is also a house within you where you store emotions}. There is anger and depression which has to do with how you feel about her and possibly true aspects that remain unresolved as to whether she has changed. You still have feelings for her {it felt good seeing her again} but intuitively {feminine quality} you sense nothing has really changed.

As for the secondary focus on the feminine aspects. If you replace the 'her' in the dream as a reference to your ex and put you as the her instead you may better understand how the feminine aspects of the male psyche function. Are you lying to yourself about her true condition {your dreams are about your emotions and your ex would be in relationship to those emotions}. Are you still 'high' about your feelings toward her which puts you in the dark realistically. This would point to the doubts I mentioned and whether you are letting you feelings for her blind you to the realities}. Being angry would be being angry at yourself. The make up is covering up your true feelings {about the realities}. The warehouse is your stored emotions and going into the past issues to do with the relationship {with her as well as your emotions from the past} gets you angry and depressed. It feels good to be addressing these issues {what dreams do} but your unconscious {subconscious-unconscious contents becoming conscious} hints at what is true.

My sense is you are still dealing with emotions to do with the relationship with your ex as well as with yourself in relationship to the doubts and anger. You probably still have strong feelings for her but there are issues of trust and doubts. You have doubts not only about her {as to whether she has changed/healed} but also with yourself in regards to your feelings toward her. When you go into {examine} the warehouse of emotions about the relationship there is anger still. My take on this last part is it is a truth and should be taken as an indicator that the doubts you have are legitimate. Don't let your feelings for how you wish to perceive her in a positive way overshadow the truth. Look at her and the way you think objectively and not emotionally when making decisions.

Let me know your thoughts. Again there are those things I pointed to in the beginning of my analysis that could alter parts of my interpretation. The more I know about you, her and the relationship the better I can understand what message is the dream is trying to communicate.


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Re: Weird dream please help interpret

Wow your interpretation has made me realize a lot. That the way I feel about her is based off of excuses I made for her. She really is a terrible person now that I think about it. She did me so wrong and wasn't even truthful from the start and there were so many indicators that said this is a bad idea that I just simply look passed because I was so blinded by love. I could never tell if she was lying or telling the truth she was really good at it and she would never admit to lying even if I caught her in a lie she would still persist and never give up which made it really hard to decipher truth from lying.

There was tons of anger and jealousy on both sides of the entire relationship. I swear up and down that I love her but after reading what you said I'm finding out that I dont think I really love her. I "love" her for selfish reasons that only I benefit from and deep down I actually kind of hate her but cant stop thinking about her. Also there were things that I foresaw that would never let me stay with her forever and knew one day I would have to break it off with her but it seems now that shes gone I want to be with her forever. The reason being is because now that shes gone I invented a fake person of only good memories in my head.

Sorry my mind was everywhere on that response lol but your interpretation of my dream really made me feel better and kind of opened my eyes thank you!

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 25 PA

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