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Weird dream that freaks me out!

Okay, this is a very weird dream and I don't have these very often. Although I remember it with some pretty good clarity. I don't usually believe in this sort of thing, no offence, but decided to try it out anyways, mostly because of the dream itself and its contents. I read up on dream interpretations online, but didn't find any satisfactory answers.

It started with me seeing things from the perspective of a filming camera, showing an underground bar of some kind. Some people were obviously filming it, but they weren't really supposed to. From the camera's perspective, I saw a lot of people that I know, most I haven't met in years. The ones that I do remember were former classmates of mine from general school. In my country there are schools that combine education from primary to middle school 8th grade. I didn't like most of them, at best I felt neutral about some of the others.

Later on, some people came trying to kill them, so I was at the front door trying to make sure they couldn't get in, while making sure the people I knew in that bar got out safely from the back entrance. I had some people with me, but I don't remember their faces exactly. In the meanwhile, I was being shot at by a woman with arrows and some other men running around her (the men weren't shooting and didn't have any weapons), but I managed to dodge her at every turn. Thing is, I shot at her through the bars and then moved to a different location, constantly baiting her like that so I could dodge her attacks. But at some point, she took a few steps back and started wildly shooting everywhere, though I still managed to dodge everything. I also don't know any of the attackers. Weirdest thing is, I shot at her with a finger gun that seemed to do the same thing as a real one.

The front door was a wooden gate door, but each door had bars, again wooden, and she shot me from the cracks between the bars. At some point, both doors were slightly open and she was standing there preparing to shoot, so I finally managed to hit her with the "gun". After this, I immediately turned to scream at the guys inside to hurry it up, and saw a lot of people still inside, others entering the back entrance to espace.

Then, I decided to take a chance, so I ran outside to where they were, grabbed some arrows lying in a heap in front of the door and stabbed 2 guys on my left with them. I didn't use a bow, but I threw some arrows at the archer woman and missed. She began taunting me. As I was shooting, she had moved near the front door, so with my last arrow in hand, I jumped at her. She shot me in the left foot, but I managed to stab her in the left side of the throat and finally killed her.

At the end some guy with a red mask came and said you won, as I stood with an arrow I got from somewhere suddenly, using it like a sword pointed directly at him, watching him leave. When he disappeared, I went back inside and saw a lot of injured people, probably from the archer. As I looked to check my injured left foot which was bleeding, the arrow still there, though I felt no pain. That's when I woke up suddenly.

I've never had such a vivid dream before. I'm sorry that it's too detailed, but it just freaked me out. If you need details about me just ask, though I won't say anything too specific.

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Re: Weird dream that freaks me out!

Here is how I read the dream. All dreams have at least two meanings/applications and this dream is pointing to two emotional issues and levels in your life {conscious and unconscious}. One would have to do with inner conflicts and the second to do with conscious experiences. When analyzing a dream the best an interpreter can do is outline the possible issues. It is left to the dreamer to fit those with the actual life experiences and inner emotional conflicts. My interpretation:

Note: where there is a question mark signifies a possibility.

The camera and filming is your unconscious addressing issues about you that are unsettled or in conflict. The underground bar is your unconscious focusing on the anxieties, stresses, attitudes in your life. Dreams are films of the dreamer's emotional life. The classmates you recognize would represent aspects about yourself that you identify with. The things you didn't like would be things about yourself you don't like or wish to change.

Trying to kill these people from school {an education from your unconscious} is an attempt by the dream to help resolve the emotional issues/conflicts {dreams are nature's device to help resolve emotional issues}. There are some aspects about yourself, traits, attitudes, emotional issues, you wish to change {death/killing is symbolic of ending/ changing emotional issues} that you are consciously aware of or are in your subconscious {front door}. Being shot by the woman may be being one emotional issue {could point to an emotional relationship/ arrows to the heart} that you are trying to avoid thinking about. Shooting her may suggest there are conflicting emotions {emotions as a feminine aspect and possibly a waking life relationship with a woman}. Shooting her thorugh the bar may suggest inflicting emotional damage {to yourself or/and to a real female} that remains with you {different location} as a emotional issue. These issues are taunting you as you consciously try to avoid or suffer with the emotional issues. There is a need to step back and analyze the issues but you are avoiding that. There may be issues of finger pointing, who is to blame {this is a conflict pointing to inner issues but mat also have to do with conscious issues about blame in a relationship}.

Consciously thare are barriers you have in place to avoid the emotional aspects. But they naturally slip through {unconscious issues will eventually show themselves in our dreams if not in other conscious ways}. The two doors may point to two levels of the emotions, one within yourself and the other to do with an actual female. There is a conflict where both are in conflict {and perhaps with the actual woman involving who is to blame}. The scream is a need to let the emotions out so the conscious self {guys-masculine self} will deal openingly and objectively {what dreams try to get the dreamer to do instead of being emotional}. But you are finding ways to avoid this.

These issues that are affecting your conscious life {outside} need to have an outlet so to resolve both the inner and outer conflicts {stabbing two guys}. What you are throwing at are the emotional issues involved with both aspects. Unconsciously the inner issues are taunting you and consciously issues to do with a relationship may be doing the same. These emotional conflicts are becoming conscious issues that are affecting you consciously. You have been able to subdue the unconscious issues to do with the outer aspect {the waking life relationship?} by ending it.

You may feel you have succeeded in covering up the emotions you feel about the outer aspect. But it is unconsciously remains a sword that cuts the inner self. Consciously there may be the impression you have made the outer issues disappear {ending a relationship or another emotional issue in your life?} but on the inside you remain injured from the experiences. The left foot that is bleeding may be one aspect to do with is causing emotional energies, issue that have ended and no longer are causing the pain they once did.

End analysis

Let me know what you come up with from my analysis. Because I do have so little info about you personally to work with your response may provide other clues to the dream message. One aspect of my interpretation you should comment on is the outer feminine conflict. Have you been in a relationship that fits with this 'outer conflict'?


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