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Dream about seeing past self as a child

Last night I had a weird dream. Initially I got into my driving instructors car where he offered me a cigarette (neither of us smoke) & he then mentioned something about switching his phone to an iPhone. Then we drove on and after a while, we pulled over. Then I saw all these children playing to the left of the car, I am 18, they were all about 10/11. Then I recognised one of them as a friend I've known since that age. It was her, only younger. Then as I went to take a pic of her to show, I recognised myself! It was then I realised I was looking back into one of my friends bday parties. I somehow gestured to my younger self who realised it was me. He then ran to get my mum who I watched and was quite snappy saying don't be stupid etc... Then as she and my younger self were walking over the dream ended. It was all very odd. Thank you for helping tell me what it means!

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Re: Dream about seeing past self as a child

You may not have known it but you were in a lucid dreaming mold {I somehow gestured to my younger self who realised it was me}. This type dream is where you take control of your dream. It can be very helpful when used responsibly {as you did by gesturing to yourself to do something that brought about a positive response}.

As for the meaning of the dream. I sense the dream is addressing an early life issue/experience that has left an imprint on your psyche that has an unconscious influence in your life now. It would involve discipline {cigarette as a symbolic representation for discipline}. The phone represents an unconscious communication with yourself and the Iphone a more personal identification with something {or someone} in your life. Because your driving instructor is in the dream there may been association with him, either an experience or something about him you identify with}. Since neither of you smoke that in itself may offer insights to associations you have with him {other than neither of you smoking}. What is it that you identify with in him? Qualities, an experience that had emotional energy that is stored within your unconscious? This would be a minor focus of the dream unless there was something emotionally dramatic that took place with him.

Besides that he would also represent a \\\\\\\'driving force\\\\\\\' within your unconscious {all dreams/dream images have at least two meanings/applications}. As an experience with the real person you would need to look at recent events and determine what may fit. As a symbolic representation the unconscious is \\\\\\\'offering\\\\\\\' you information about some aspect that has to do with discipline. One that cause you to focus on unconscious contents, experiences from your past that are unconsciously known but may be consciously forgotten, ignored or repressed. The language about \\\\\\\'driving on\\\\\\\' may point to a recent waking life experience {to do with the instructor} but would likely be pointing to moving further into your future and \\\\\\\'pulling over\\\\\\\' to the present day {experience provides guides to how to look at the symbolic dream language to dis-cipher its code}. Along with the Iphone {focusing at your inner self} this may suggest you need to look at your life in the past to see what factors/experiences/influences are unconscious forces in your life today. This is one function of dreams, trying to get the dreamer to realize what emotional energies from living life that are unconscious motivators for actions as well as personality in later life {at the age of 18}.

Not the dream gets specific. What experiences were there in your life at the age of 10/11 that have been brought forth to your present age of 18. It could be an experience{s} that you unconsciously recognize as a positive aspect {friend} to do with your emotions {girl}. Or it could be an actual experience to do with her that you relate to or had a part in {you recognized yourself in her}. Something to do with who you are {birthday} or acceptance of who you are {realized it was me. This may involve an experience, or an aspect about yourself, that you need recognize and accept. The language about getting your mother and watching the event {also a lucid dreaming aspect} may be an actual depiction of an event. Your mother was \\\\\\\'snappy\\\\\\\' an addressed you as if you were stupid which may suggest something she did not believe was a real concern. There is a real focus on your younger self which would likely point to those early years.

The dream is directing you to look at an experience that caused emotional energies when you were younger which would likely have an influence on your personality or psyche today {unconsciously}. Look to your life when you were 10/11 and see what may have happened that is stored in your unconscious. It would have been a memorable experience and with some emotional energies {it has affected you emotionally}. Or it could unconsciously affect you now emotionally, probably without you knowing it. Look at recent events/experiences and determine what could be related to the early life experiences. My experience with dreams is when they have children as a focus in a dream the dream is about the dreamer as a child. But normally the child/children are in the very first part of the dream instead of later on {as is the case with your dream}. The way your dream begins may suggest something in your current life either stimulated past memories to you when you were 10/11 or something similar occurred to do with both as a child and more recently. I can only read the outline of a dream and not the exact experience{s} that have caused an emotional reaction {dreams are about the emotions}. You will have to fill in the personal stuff.

Have you had other dreams similar to this one? Or dreams you feel important even though they may have been entirely different {dreams using different symbolic language to address the same issues}? Let me know your thoughts and perhaps we can get more from this dream with additional info you provide.

Jerry \"\" \"\"

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