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Plane crash dream, potential red flag

Before I can explain my dream, you should know that I am traveling to London this summer with my mom. In 4 days actually. So, in my dream, we were doing just that. The beginning is a little fuzzy, but I have a vivid memory of getting on the plane with my mom. When we took off, something felt off. We were at a very steep incline, too steep to maintain lift. We stalled soon after take off and crashed. It was because of a weight imbalance on the plane, the back end was too heavy. I know they say you can't die in your dreams, but everyone on board died. I came back as a ghost or spirit, whatever you'd like to call it, however. The rest of the dream was just me walking around as a spirit, kind of irrelevant.

When I woke up from my dream, I walk out into the living room to see my dad watching Mayday, a show on the Discovery Channel that chronicles airplane crashes in history. On this particular episode, a British plane had stalled and crashed. Is this all a coincidence?
I mean they tell you all the time that gut feelings can save your life. I'm usually not an uneasy flyer, but I do always have a fear of taking off and stalling, the exact way the plane crashed in my dream. Is this just a result of my fear, or is my conscience trying to tell me something?

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Re: Plane crash dream, potential red flag

There may be personal associations to the plane that would be the reason for the dream, perhaps anxieties about flying and crashing. The two recent air crashes in the past week may have stimulated such anxieties. Your statement, "I do always have a fear of taking off and stalling, the exact way the plane crashed in my dream" seems to point to this possibility.

But symbolically I think the dream is speaking to an experience or an association to do with the relationship with your mother. Something feels 'off'. When you look at the language symbolically there is something to do with your mother that is at a 'steep incline' {difficult to navigate?. There is something about this aspect that is too 'heavy' to maintain lift {keep at a certain level}. There was a start to an experience/event to do with her but after it got going it crashed {failed to maintain a particular level}. The imbalance on the backside may have to do with unconscious mental thinking, there is something very heavy about this issue. Everyone dying on the plane would represent everything about the issue has 'died', came to an end. Your ghost may represent something that feels dead but lives on despite this. You may be feeling 'irrelevant' in some way {this may be a good clue to what the issue is about the dream is trying to communicate}.

Is there a recent experience having to do with your mother that could fit with the above description? Explore the explanation of each image and see what may fit in your waking life. I dare say the dream is addressing your anxieties about the airplane you will board taking off and stalling but what could it represent when it comes to your mother? What is it that is an issues of taking off with her and it stalling?


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