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Random religious-ish dream.

I was at a house with my family and one of my friend's family. When I was walking around the house, I saw an orange looking canvas with white outlines. It's as if there was something missing--something didn't feel right. Then this young little girl (assuming it was some relative to my friend, Ken)sat under the table that was beneath the canvas. After a few minutes, she started crying hysterically. Then she got up and ran away. Later on, I remember Ken came by and he also started crying. And then finally, after I'd left and came back to see the canvas,my little sister was beneath the table crying as well. When I asked what she saw, she wouldn't tell me. She said "I can't tell you...It's not bad but I don't want you to be offended." And I told her I wouldn't. So she began to tell me that heaven and hell was real. That she also saw how different life is. This is what they all saw. They were all freaked out. So I started thinking about my faith in the dream. I started panicking because I figured that if I didn't see the visions, then I must not belong in heaven. Within the dream, I had a vision. I saw heaven (clouds, bright lights) and then I saw an arrow pointing down to the fire and I figured I must be doomed. I was doomed either way because I've made a mortal sin (I've had sex, which is against my religion). After I snapped out of that little vision, my sister gave me the kind of money they used in heaven. But I was still too shocked and in disbelief to react to anything. My mind went in circles thinking about how I haven't fully believed.

Then,at night, a man with a deep dark voice came asking for help at the door. And I just hid behind the sofa until he left. Then I thought that that could have been someone who needed real help and I'd lost an opportunity to do something nice for someone and now I was for sure not going to heaven. He was with other people because I heard him say, "let's try another house".

Lastly, I was at the beach. At a bar, some people talked about love being the answer to our problems and for the world to be a better place. Then I went into the ocean o swim with my mom. The water was beautiful, clear and blue and we were swimming with the waves that would come with force and take as back to the shore.I felt good when I went underwater. At first I was kinda scared but then I just got in with my mom. After we got out, it started raining for a little and then it stopped. And then the dream changed to a completely different place and story that I can't remember.

Note: I've been raised Catholic my whole life.

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Re: Random religious-ish dream.

What is it that doesn't feel right in your 'inner' self? Are there any experiences as a little girl that you wish to cover up so not to have to acknowledge the experiences? What was/is your relationship with Ken? Was he a part of your life when you were a little girl? Are there similar experiences both and your younger sister shared as children? Is there something you do not want to tell anyone about? The language about heaven and hell may be addressing the inner sanctums {not a literal heaven or hell}, your inner life. The different life could be addressing the conscious life you live and the unconscious life you do not wish to live over again {covering up certain emotions}.

As for thinking about your faith in the dream and the panic you feel. That could be addressing questions about faith and whether it will help with any emotional conflicts you are covering up {the answer is not really}. The heaven and hell is real in your inner self {good things in conscious life, bad things in your unconscious}. The vision in the dream would be an unconscious vision of your true self. Consciously your faith may sustain you but when it comes to your psychology {inner self} there is guilt {a desire to be in heaven but the guilt causes you to look below}. There may be questions of self worth, not only to do with your perceived sin of having sex {against your faith} but possibly from childhood experiences as well. The doom would be from the inner conflicts and if there are childhood issues the primary doom you feel would be from those experiences {having sex would be a later life conflict of faith}. The early life experiences would only exacerbate the emotional conflicts in later life {a crisis of faith}.

The man with the deep dark voice is someone/some thing that causes you to hide your emotions. It could point to a real person or, being a person of deep faith it could be your concept of God. You feel obligated to do something good faith wise but psychologically the issues go beyond faith. There may be a fear God will abandon you. On the issue of having sex but more so to d with any childhood issues {if there are any}.

A beach is the border between land and water, conscious and unconscious {water is a common symbol for the unconscious}. The love that makes life better is not only a love the world needs but the inner love you need for inner healing. Going into the ocean is entering the unconscious. Seeing your mother probably has associations to your real mother. Swimming in the waves but being pushed back to shore would represent bringing unconscious aspects to consciousness but being unable to do so {pushed back}. There is security in being with your Mom {this may be a literal truth}. If the unconscious contents comes out {to consciousness} there would be tears for awhile but then they would stop {that could because of an inability to fully express inner emotions}.

There are definitely signs of guilt n the dream {it fits with your faith and guilt to do with having sex}. But I sense something deeper and the dream does seem to point to this also. Are there childhood experiences that you do not wish to think about? Perhaps have not told anyone about? It may be something or at a time in life you shared with your little sister. Who is Ken and where does he fit into your life? The last part of the dreams seems to point to a relationship with your mother. Was she security for you as a child? Let me know what you come up with after reading my analysis. If there are childhood issues then we need to focus on those. If not then the symbols {dreams speak in a language of symbol and metaphor} would represent something else. Normally when there is a young child in the first part of a dream {the opening of a dream sets the stage for what emotional issues the dream is attempting to reveal to the dreamer} it is a symbol for the dreamer. The running away and the crying suggest something during that time of life that involved emotional issues.


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Re: Random religious-ish dream.

First off, thank you for the analysis. Indeed, there are childhood issues that I don't like to look back on. The only time I talked about them was briefly in therapy not long ago for the first time. To my surprise, I started crying and I was in pain from remembering my experiences. Unfortunately, my therapist and I didn't get to resolve those issues because of the time I had. Back to dream, my sister is a teenager and has very low self worth. I was exactly like that as well. She's going through things I've been through that I wish she wouldn't. Seeing her behavior sometimes reminds me of myself at her age. And I'd wish she do things differently.

Most of my childhood issues have to do with bullying, being a follower and letting others take advantage of me, not speaking up for myself, having a terrible babysitter who tortured my sister and I at a very young age, always feeling left out. Up until the age of 9, I grew up with various baby sitters. So I didn't fully get to appreciate my mother back then.

Overall, your analysis has really made me think and it makes a lot of sense. So thank you!

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