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Dream I had a couple nights ago that I would like to have interpretated

Just some background info even though its probably not relevant. I had gone to planned parenthood about a week or two ago and just got on a free birthcontrol plan. I\\\'ve been taking it for 2 weeks now and have already slept with my boyfriend with no protection other then the bc. The girl in my dream is someone from my school who I have never spoken to and the friend is someone who I don\\\'t talk to much anymore and also used to be good friends with the girl. Also during this dream i couldnt remember really feeling any emotion. I would love to see if someone could interpret this for me I\\\'ve been thinking of this dream nonstop and have included as much detail as I could remember. Ill answer any questions I can if there is any or if something isn\\\'t clear.

From what I remember I went to planned parenthood and I was waiting to go inside. When they called me up they had to get my weight and the scale was in the center of the waiting room where a bunch of people were. It was on a small podium and I had to walk up small stairs to get up to it to check my weight. When I got to the scale it was too small for me to stand on so I had kept slipping off but they kept making me try to stand on it so they could get my weight, when it wasn\\\'t working they decided to use a scale attached to a plane. They attached me to the plane and had started to fly the plane so it lifted up slowly and was getting my weight. In my eye in the dream I could see the scale going up rapidly from 2,000 to 5,000 but it wasn\\\'t in pounds it was in something I didn\\\'t recognize. From that they were able to get the weight I am now which is around 104.
After this had happened they decided to have me leave and not say anything else to me. When leaving I recognized a girl from my school who kept constantly eating and looked huge, i had realized she was just pregnant (she also had black makeup going across her eyes in an odd design). She had stopped me to ask about birthcontrol and how to get it free, which was odd because she was very pregnant in the dream but I still began explaining the process to her. While trying to tell her about it she got in her car and started to drive away but I still kept trying to talk to her as she drove away. Once I realized she couldnt hear me another friend came up and told me I still needed to explain to her the birthcontrol because she was very very pregnant and needed it now. He had managed to bring her back and had me explain more to her. The whole time during this dream she had been eating constantly and kept saying how she had to since she was eating for two. That\\\'s the last I remember.

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Re: Dream I had a couple nights ago that I would like to have interpretated

First, the added info your provided is very relevant to the dream. It helps to explain why these girls were in your dream {you associate aspects about them to your life}. Your dreams are about your emotions and anyone else would be in 'relationship' to those emotions.

Your dream. Dreams reflect the emotional conflicts we have in life. Your recent experience going to Planned Parenthood had a lot to do with the dream because it was a 'weighty' decision that had to do with sex and pregnancy. But more so than that would be the 'weight' you gave to having sex with your bf and feelings about becoming pregnant. You probably still have concerns albeit unconscious about pregnancy. And there may be issues about having sex to begin with. The 'scale' of the concerns may reflect how much you do feel about these issues. The weighing in your dream isn't about how much you weight {wasn't in pounds} but how much weight these issues affect you emotionally. Having to use a plane to get your correct weight could symbolize {dreams have a language of symbol and metaphor} the elevated emotions about these issues {pregnancy and sex}.

Now the girl become a part of the dream. Her eating would represent the consuming emotions about pregnancy. The black makeup probably represents the unconscious concerns that you don't see {eyes with odd designs} consciously. It could be the reasoning for obtaining birth control was a decision not based entirely on rational reasoning {did you do it because of pressure from your bf?}. If so that could add to the emotional conflicts the dream is focused and go to the issue of having sex. Asking advice about getting birth control free didn't free you from the emotional issues. You are actually communicating with yourself {she represents aspects to do with you, in association to her pregnancy condition}. There was/is something you don't 'hear' that needs further explanation {these would be the emotions involved}. She also would represent the consuming emotions and the two issues involved }eating for two}.

The dream is most likely focused on the emotional issues of birth control, pregnancy and sex. Look at all the issues involved and determine how much emotions are involved. Was it a 'weighty' issue{s}? Was there pressure from your bf about having sex? Are you still concerned about getting pregnant? Are there moral issues involved in one or both? Your dreams are attempting to help you resolve these issues. Just as with the immune system for the body, dreams are healing mechanisms for the psyche/psychology. When you learn to understand dreams do have a language of their own, and the functions of dreams, they are not as mysterious as they once seemed to be.


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