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There is more that happened in this dream up to this point, but I can't remember i guess because I woke up or just remembered the ending. I was waiting to go through the checkpoint at an airport. The female security person told me I could go through until I looked over this guy she pointed to. It was someone I didn't want to see so I quickly looked him over without making eye contact with him. Then, I was able to go through. When I woke up, I forgot what she told me to specifically look for (if anything).

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Re: Airport

Very difficult to analyze a dream with so little to go on. It may have to do with a real person who you do not wish to have contact with if the person in the dream is someone you know. But because all dreams have at least two interpretations/applications the dream is likely addressing other issues as well. Below is an interpretation of the images/actions assuming this is true.

Note: Dreams use a language of symbol and metaphor. Also something to understand is your dreams are about you and your emotional life. It is nature\\\'s mechanism to help resolve emotional issues while we sleep {we know brain activity is as active during sleep as it is when awake}. Just as with the immune system protects the physical body, dreams are the healing mechanism for the psyche/psychology.

The airport could indicate you are seeking new possibilities in your life {traveling to another destination}. But first you must check those things you are vulnerable to in your life {security person-security aspects}. But this is something you don\\\'t want to do without seeing what the consequences are or what is involved {this would represent the need for your masculine aspects, taking charge, being vigilant, etc}. Once you are comfortable and secure in knowing/doing this you are able to proceed {able to go through}.

Are you contemplating new possibilities in your life? The security aspect may point to personality traits. Are you the type who is very vigilant in the things you do? As for the man in the dream, he could represent the real person i first alluded to as well as your masculine traits. Perhaps not seeing the man indicate s a lack of these masculine qualities. That would go back to the issue of security in your personality. Are there things you tend to be insecure about?

Again, hard to analyze a dream with so little to go on. Perhaps what I have provided will stimulate more memories about the dream. Or if they fit in your life {one method of verifying an interpretation is correct} then you may recognize the associations I have provided. I suggest you read my page A Simple Guide to Dreams to better understand how dreams function. My two websites The Power of Dreams and Myths-Dreams-Symbols provide deeper insights to the science of dreams {the later is more in-depth with 500+ pages on Jungian dream psychology}.


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