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Giant spider-like creature nightmare

I had a nightmare about a giant monster that was a spider-like figure. When I woke up, I was too scared to go back to sleep.

The thing was yellow and green with thick legs and the size of a plate.

I was terrified of it and put one of those restaurant plate covers over it with a textbook on top to weigh it down so it can't escape from the container. And while I was trying to trap it, I had a flashback of my large hardcover book collection at my parents' house.

Then, one of its legs was sticking out around the edge. I tried to adjust the container, but I kept on making it worse. And more and more of the spider was exposed. Eventually, the spider became flat and really fast (and thus harder to trap or run from).

I ran from it and went into a bedroom. But then I realized that it could just slide under the bedroom door to get to me, and that's when I woke up in fear.

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Re: Giant spider-like creature nightmare

What we need to do is to determine what this 'spider creature' represents in your emotional life {dreams are about the emotions of the dreamer}. Let's break down the dream and see what we come up with.

Spiders can symbolize many things but the description you gave may provide some clues to the actual representation in your dream. We know it it is something you are afraid of so that would fit with some aspect of your life. The yellow and green colors on one hand would suggest uncertainty {yellow-fear of something that is not clear} but also something that has a potential to grow {green}. The thick legs may suggest it has strong foundations of support {which could point to the strength of teh fear you have but could also point to personality foundations to why you have this emotional connection}. Covering it with a plate could represent hidden fears based on a lack of emotional nourishment {plates hold the food/nourishment we need for proper personal growth}.

The restaurant plate could point to nourishment aspects. The textbook would be tool for learning things about yourself {emotionally}. But these emotional aspects may be so strong they are weighing you down. The flashback to your parent's home could point to early life experiences/influences that are the foundations to who you are as an adult We all a product of or childhood}.

There is one particular aspect that sticks out {leg/possibly pointing to foundations}. In life we try to make adjustments to those negative influences that unconsciously motivate us. But because these are unconscious energies they have the power to make things worse. This causes the 'spider' to be exposed more in your waking life, the influence of the unconscious motivating you to make wrong decisions. Becoming flay may suggest it is not consciously noticeable which gives it the capability to accelerate wrong decisions on a higher level. It is something you can not get away from because it is a part of your unconscious makeup {which rules conscious decision making}.

Bathrooms are where we let things out, eliminate those things that are not needed or good for us. But the strength/influence of this 'spider' creature is too great and you can not control it.

As I stated earlier spiders can represent many different things as well as more than just one thing in a dream. It can represent being ignored and overlooked which could point to hidden aspects of early life. On a personal level you feel that it is best to avoid someone or something that will only influence you negatively which would come from influences of early life {a person who you relate to negatively that resembles someone from early life- a father or a mother}. Spiders also can represent feminine strengths which could point to strong emotions about an aspect that influences your life {unconsciously}. What is it you are afraid of in life that could have come from early life experiences/influences {childhood}? Are there person{s} that fit a parent or a person of influence from early life who have characteristics similar to the mentioned persons? What personal traits do you possess that lead to decision making that follows a pattern that fits the persons of influence? There is something in your life you are afraid that needs to be eliminated. It could be a relationship, one where the person has characteristics that follow set patterns from early life associations. Look at recent experiences to determine what would fit with this scenario {dreams focus on your true self at the time you have the dream}. understanding the unconscious motivations would be more difficult to achieve but because they are so strong in the dream you may be able to make associations to current life experiences that flow from early life. As for what it is exactly the dream is attempting to communicate is not clear. Normally the best a good analysist can do is present an outline of the emotional conflict. It is left to the dreamer to find associations that fit with the dream images. Whatever it is it is affect your ability to grow personally, psychologically and spiritually.


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Re: Giant spider-like creature nightmare

That makes sense, thanks. I think I know what the spider might represent. Problem is taking care of the issue

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