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A friend of mine dreamt that she opened her door and I was stood there holding a grey rabbit to my shoulder like a baby and I was crying saying it's gone and then I collapsed in her arms. She woke up crying and felt really concerned about me as I was inconsolable in her dream.

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Re: rabbit

The good news is your friend's dream is about her emotional life and not yours {per say}. Your being a part of her dream would be in relationship to her emotional life {you represent some part of her}. What that might be is hidden in the dream images/language {the language of dreams is symbol and metaphor}. Not easy to read in such a short dream.
The bad news? Well let's see if there is any in the dream images.

A good chance the dream is revealing how she feels about herself, and may see that in you also. Rabbits can symbolize 'the innocent victim', a need to stop punishing oneself and, instead, accept and love yourself just as they are. You she feel this applies to you when in fact she identifies with it because it applies to her {someone needs to open up to something}. The grey color may represent something not completely clear {between black and white}. A shoulder to cry on like a baby. Crying is a release of emotions. Emotions that are gone may suggest something that is not realized. Waking up crying suggests very strong emotions. That would indicate there is a conflict that needs resolution.

The best way to see how these things fit is to honestly look at each other and see how the symbols would apply. If you are very close friends then there is the possibility there is real concern about your emotional life. But again, her dreams are trying to help her resolve her inner conflicts. Get with her and talk over what I have suggested. Go to the dream dictionaries and see if any of the suggestions fit one or both of you. It is such a short dream it is hard to tell what patterns are trying to emerge. The issues are in her life and although you may be a concern to her the primary message is about her.

Again, the symbols/actions to consider.
*It is 'her door' that she opens. You stood in 'her' door.
*A grey rabbit on your shoulder {you are shouldering something related to her}.
*Like a baby-something innocent {as in rabbit/victim}
*You are crying in her dream-possibly the way she feels about you that relates to her
*You collapse in her arms. Extensions of herself {arms}.

Let me know what you come up with.


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